Turkey: Hungerstriking Political Prisoner brutally tortured as he resisted against forced medical intervention

Death fast resister Mustafa Koçak has been continuing death fast(Hunger Strike till death) in Sakran prison (Izmir, Western Turkey) and was transfered to the same prison’s hospital for force feeding on 13th March.

His family and lawyers gathered in front of the prison all the time to ensure, that the authorities won’t harm him by forced intervention. Yesterday night he was captured in an ambulance to the Kiriklar F type prison Nr.1 in Izmir without informing the family.


Now, after he could talk to his lawyer, the brutality of torture they did to Mustafa in Sakran were brought to public:

He told that he resisted force feeding torture for 5 days.

-73 bottles of serum were bursted on him..

-Mustafa’s arm is full of hematomas..

-Even his head was trusted up because he tried to remove the serum with his teeth…

– He was fixed with 8 handcuffs and 8 footcuffs.

-They put something in his mouth to prevent him from shouting…

-His head and body were fettered with ropes

-They told him, ‘we’ll cripple you and let you go’

– Mustafa told that there were present many officers of the secret service, as well as doctors, the prosecutor of the prison and the prison director. He said they had all witnessed what happened and even joined from time to time.

-He was not allowed to go to toilet and forced to urinate on himself, while not being washed.

– He was sexually abused, by putting a truncheon to his anus.

– He was insulted, offended, abused..

– When he tried to take off the serum, they put it on his legs by force

– Ahead of all that, they psychologically tortured him with laughter and by saying ‘Oh you woke up, you feel good now, don’t you Mustafa?’

While they used all that torture crimes, his lawyers and family were prevented to see him with the excause that his immune system was to weak and that it could be a risk for him because of corona virus!

Mustafa has a message to us: ” I’m going to continue my resistance. The venes that bursted are my honor!”


He was sentenced with life imprisonment, only because of a statement, which was signed under police torture and which was even retracted later!

All what he wants is a fair trial!

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Source: the article is written on the basis of the information provided by Mustafa Koçak’s lawyers from People’s Law Bureau.

Translation: Anadolu News Blog

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