Death Fasting lawyer in critical health condition as the oligarchy in Turkey still not accept the demand for fair trial and justice

The health condition of lawyer Ebru Timtik, who has been on a Death Fast(hunger strike till death) since the beginning of this year, demanding a new fair trial, is critical, the lawyer’s relatives and colleagues said. At the end of July, Timtik, who has been on Death Fast for months together with fellow lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, were forcibly taken from their cells at Silivri Prison located near Istanbul and taken to two separate hospitals in the city, where they were threatened with forced medical intervention, which is an extremely brutal form of torture used by the fascist oligarchy in Turkey to end hunger strikes by using excessive force.

For almost a month now, Ebru Timtik has been held in extremely poor conditions, in an isolated room in the political prisoners’ ward of Sadi Konuk Hospital in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy district. There is no fresh air in the room and no sunlight can enter. The lamps in the room are turned on constantly, which creates great discomfort and causes sleep disorders. Timtik has melted, and according to the latest known information, she weighs only 30 kilograms. At the end of July, a commission of experts from the Istanbul Institute of Forensic Medicine issued a report saying that Ebru Timtik and her colleague and comrade in the struggle for justice lawyer Aytaç Ünsal could not be held in prison due to their deteriorating health and must be released. But instead, the fascist oligarchy forcibly took them to two separate hospitals where they were held in conditions worse than those in prison. The court’s decision to do so was appealed by colleagues of the two lawyers, but the appellate court in the Turkish metropolis rejected the lawyers’ objection and ordered an extension of their detention, arguing its decision “there is a real danger that the two will flew up the country, will hide, or commit a new crime. ” However, it is not clear how two people who are in extremely poor health are capable to do the above-mentioned actions. Of course, this does not matter to the judges of the fascist oligarchy in Turkey, each of which became a kind of executioner, carrying out the orders of the political power.

Due to the extremely bad conditions, the constant mental and physical harassment by the medical staff, the prison guards, and the gendarmes guarding the hospital room, the health of the two lawyers is deteriorating with each passing day, at an even faster pace than it should happen. As a result, Ebru Timtik is in critical condition, and can no longer take fluids and vitamin B1, which are usually taken during prolonged hunger strikes.

Progressive lawyers from Turkey and Europe have repeatedly called for the release of the two lawyers and for their fair trial to be accepted.

Today the police have attacked the people who were on solidarity vigil at the garden of Sadi Konuk hospital, where Ebru Timtik is held against her will. At least 10 people were detained including Timtik’s uncle.

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