Man who declared an indefinite hunger strike to support the death fasting lawyers was arrested in Southwestern Turkey

On August 1, 44-year-old Ertunç Pektaş announced that he was starting an indefinite hunger strike in support of the demand for justice of the death fasting lawyers Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik.

The man, who lives in the town of Incirliova, Aydın province, southwestern Turkey, said he would continue his protest until the two lawyers’ demand for a fair trial is accepted.

The fascist oligarchy in Turkey, as always, responded with what it did best – terror and repression.

On August 2, the cafe where Ertunç Pektaş works was raided by agents of the political police and he was detained. The charges against the 44-year-old man are classic: “membership in an illegal organization” and “propaganda in favor of an illegal organization.”

According to the progressive media in the country, the police beat the man during his detention. He was then taken to the headquarters of the political police in the city of Aydın.

On August 3, Pektaş testified before a prosecutor, after which he was brought before a court, which ordered his release under a measure of judicial control. He must sign every day in the local police station at the town in which he lives.

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