The 11 guerrilla martyrs from the İbrahim Erdogan Rural Guerilla Unit – Dersim province

The 11 guerrillas from the İbrahim Erdogan Rural Guerilla Unit – Dersim province, which is part of Revolutionary People’s Liberatin Front(DHKC), martyred in the bombardment of the fascist army of the Turkish oligarchy on November 7, 2016

Aysun Saban, Bunyamin Kılıç, Hünkar Derya Guneş, Hüseyin Gülmez, Kenan Günyel, Melih Işık, Murat Gün, Mustafa Doğru, Naciye Yavuz, Tuncel Ayaz, Tarık Demir,

On November 7, 2016, a camp, in which at this time a group of guerrillas from the DHKC -İbrahim Erdogan Rural Guerilla Unit, were deployed, located in the Çet River Valley, in Hozat district, Dersim province, Northern Kurdistan(eastern part of Turkey), was bombarded by F-16 fighter jets of the fascist army of the oligarchy. In the bombardment, 11 of the guerrillas in the camp martyred, while only 3 guerillas which were in the camp, survived the attack.

Aysun Saban, she is descended from a working-class family of Arabs who profess the Alevi form of Islam, originally from the city of Antakya, Hatay province, southern Turkey. She is the second of four children in the family. She joined the organized struggle after joining the ranks of Revolutionary Youth(Dev-Genç) while, was a student at the University of Muğla, southwestern Turkey. She was dedicated to our martyrs and their struggle and determined to call to account the enemy for them.

Bünyamin Kılıç, he has undertaken many and different responsibilities, and tasks in many of Istanbul’s poor neighborhoods. He was head of a section in the structure of the High School Revolutionary Youth(Lisesi Dev-Genç). He was part of the militia squads of the High School Revolutionary Youth in the Anatolian region, and also participated in the work among the peasants in Dersim province. In addition to these tasks, in 2014 and 2015 he participated in numerous actions for the democratic rights and demands of the people and youth, working in various associations and sections of the party. He desired to become a guerilla fighter, and he achieved this goal.

Tarık Demir, he was a young man born and raised in İstanbul’s Gazi district. Even as a child, he experiences the contradictions between the oppressed and the oppressors, bearing the hardships of the poor people’s lives. From his childhood, he had the opportunity to get to know the revolutionaries. In the neighborhood where he lived, there were many “brothers and sisters” revolutionaries. They sought justice, spoke of a worthy human life, equality, and socialism. After reflecting on the daily problems, he decided to become a revolutionary. He had devoted himself to guerrilla warfare, with self-sacrificing spirit.

Hünkar Derya Güneş, was born in 1988 in Ankara. She is descended from a family of Kurds who profess the Alevi form of Islam, from the Erzincan province, Northern Kurdistan(eastern part of Turkey). After arriving to study at Marmara University in Istanbul, she meets supporters of Revolutionary Youth. Since 2009, she has started to take on various responsible tasks. Hünkar organized the struggle, she developed herself in the struggle and strengthened it.

Hüseyin Gülmez, was born in 1991 in the village of Gümüşlük, Tekman district, Erzurum province, northeast Turkey. He is a son of a poor working-class family whose roots originate in the Dersim region of Northern Kurdistan(eastern part of Turkey). His family belongs to the Zaza people[1] who profess the Alevi form of Islam. His relationship with the party began in 2011 in Aliağa, a suburb of Izmir, western Turkey. Married, he has one daughter. He set out for the mountains, not only for his daughter’s future but also for that of all people, and became a fighter for justice.

Melih Işık was born in 1995 in the city of Gebze (about 60 km east of Istanbul). His family is from Tokat province, northern Turkey. He began his secondary education at the Martyr İlhan Küçük Solak High School in Gebze, but after finishing the first year he left school. Melih is from a working-class family of Turks who profess the Alevi form of Islam. He is the eldest of the two children of the family. Before joining the revolutionary struggle, he worked in many different places to earn money, to help his family.

Murat Gün was born in the village of Gelinpınar, Çayırlı district, Erzincan province, eastern Turkey. His native language is Zaza. He grew up in a large, poor working-class family with his 13 brothers and sisters. Due to economic difficulties, he discontinues his education after completing the 3rd grade in elementary school. His organized relationship with the Party began after his brother, Çayan Gün, and his comrade Engin Ceber were detained and tortured by police in 2008.

Mustafa Doğru is one of four children in a working-class family. His family comes from the village of Sebiller, Dursunbey district, Balıkesir province, western Turkey. Impressed by the struggles of the revolutionaries during the Great Death Fast resistance (2000-2007), in 2001 Mustafa met with supporters of the Party. In 2005, he was already part of the revolutionary struggle. Despite its shortcomings, he has the honor of fighting for liberation against imperialism.

Naciye Yavuz was born in 1976 in the town of Silifke, Mersin province. Her relationship with the party began in 1998 at the Ankara Youth Association while she was studying at the Agrarian Faculty of Ankara State University. She met supporters of Revolutionary Youth, and for a short period, she becomes part of it. She regarded struggle as part of her life and the party as an indispensable part of her existence. After moving to Istanbul, she worked as an editor and reporter for the party’s magazine, meanwhile she continues to perform other tasks and responsibilities. She could see her shortcomings and had the will to overcome them. As part of the guerrilla squad, she studied patiently, trying to gain knowledge and skills in all areas of this area of the struggle, including the construction of the camp. She was both a student and a teacher at the same time.

Tuncel Ayaz, in 1982, his family moved from the town of Pülümur, Dersim province, into the village of Yeşilyurt, Erzincan province. But after the earthquake in the city of Erzincan, they were forced to move to the town of Gemlik, Bursa province, western Turkey. His relationship with the Party date back to 1996, when he began attending the Dersim Province Migrants Association. In 2011, he severed all ties with the capitalist system, devoting himself entirely to the revolutionary struggle. Comrade Tuncel realized that without armed struggle, and without paying a price for it, the freedom of the people and the liberation of their homeland could not be achieved. With that responsibility, he took his place in the guerrilla unit.

Kenan Günyel was born in 1974 in the town of Kiğı, Bingol province, eastern Turkey. He grew up in İzmir. While in high school, he began to sympathize with the struggle led by the Party. He tried to get to know the revolutionaries from the stories of others and from the books he read. He wanted to become a revolutionary and fight against the capitalist system When he moved to the city of Sakarya, northwestern Turkey to study higher education, he sought to make contact with the revolutionaries. In 1991, he met supporters of Revolutionary Youth. His comrade Seyhan Doğan, which they later marry, helps to get him involved in the organized struggle. Doğan was one of the heroines who martyred in the December 19-22 2000, massacre in prisons.



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