Cafer Dereli

Date of martyrdom: 9 December 2000

Place of martyrdom: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Çumra, Konya province, central Turkey

He was killed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in an attack of fascist gangs, during a solidarity hunger strike by members and supporters of the People’s Front-Turkey in support of the Death Fast resistance of the political prisoners in Turkey.

Cafer Dereli was born in 1978 in the town of Çumra, Konya Province, central Turkey. Due to economic reasons, he lived in Belgium for two years. Cafer was originally part of another leftist organization, but in the last two months before his martyrdom, he was part of the People’s Front. He became acquainted with the People’s Front during a period in which the Belgian state began to repress the revolutionary movement. He took part in all the actions, without exception, carried out during the campaign for the release of the revolutionary Fehriye Erdal. At the same time, this period was a period in which Cafer became acquainted with revolutionary traditions and political line. At the end of a period filled with many actions, Cafer, who chooses to finally become part of the movement, begins to be at the forefront of every action.

In this short period, filled with various actions and campaigns, he was involved in many activities, from organizing meetings, distributing the magazine published by the People’s Front, protests in front of the embassies of Chile and Israel, and to the marches in support for the Death Fast resistance in Turkey.

He did not hesitate to join the hunger strike, in solidarity with the Death Fast of political prisoners in Turkey.

During the attack of the fascist gangs, supported by the oligarchy in Turkey, against the tent camp in the city of Rotterdam, where the solidarity hunger strike was taking place, he fought courageously the fascists on the front line and thus martyred heroically.

He will continue to live with the memory of all the martyrs of the Great Resistance 2000-2007.


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