Our message on the occasion of the 103th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution

103 years ago, when the Great October Socialist Revolution took place, the world was in a deep crisis that the imperialists had tried to resolve by war. Both then and today, they continue to compete for dominance over the peoples of the world. Today, the imperialist system is in a very deep crisis, this is perhaps one of the deepest crises of the system in its entire existence. And this shows us that, contrary to the claims of some, the essence of capitalism, and its highest stage – imperialism has not changed.

Neither the end of history has come, nor the class struggles are over, nor has the proletariat, which means almost 99% of the world’s population, disappeared, but is here because poverty and misery still exist in this world, and they will deepen further in the coming years. This is a fact that even the institutions of imperialism acknowledge.

In this situation, the aggression of the imperialists against the peoples of the world continues. The imperialists are once again trying to resolve the conflicts between each other by fomenting new regional conflicts. Along with the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis of the system deepened, even more, showing everyone that capitalism is an anti-human system that works only to increase the profits of imperialist monopolies.

In short, the essence of the imperialist system has not changed, the only things that are changing are its tactics and methods of exploitation and aggression against the peoples. It follows from all this that the solution to this crisis has not changed, and that is: the struggle for revolution and socialism.

In this context, the Great October Socialist Revolution shows the path that the peoples of the world must follow to liberate themselves from the oppression of imperialism and fascism.