Oğuz Meşe

Date of Martyrdom: December 7, 2016

Place of martyrdom: Dersim Province, Northern Kurdistan / Eastern Turkey /

Date of birth: November 27, 1996

Place of birth: town of Niksar, Tokat province, Northern Turkey.

Oğuz Meşe is a hero created by our tradition of not surrendering to the enemy and our consciousness to seek accountability from the enemy.

Oğuz Meşe was one of six children of a family from Tokat province, northern Turkey. Oğuz was born on November 27, 1996, in the town of Niksar, Tokat Province. He martyred on December 7, 2016, resisting with a weapon and a grenade in his hands in an ambush near the town of Ovacık (Pülür), Northern Kurdistan / Eastern Turkey /, organized by the assassins of the fascist government of the AKP. Oğuz started working while was still in high school. On the one hand, he saw the problems that the working people face, on the other hand, he realized the need to struggle against all this.

Oğuz was a young worker living in a poor neighborhood. He saw the exploitation and experienced the degeneration spread by the oligarchy. Like thousands of other young workers, he had witnessed the injustices of this system based on exploitation. Oğuz, who believed in the need for an organized struggle against this disgusting and unjust system, became acquainted with the revolutionary movement thanks to his older brother.

As the son of a working-class family, he fought to organize workers against the problems they faced in their work. Oğuz began his work as a revolutionary in the ranks of our party’s labor movement in Istanbul’s Kuruçesme district. There he performed various tasks in the workers’ organization. He has been detained dozens of times by the police.

He saw his weaknesses and shortcomings, but he was not afraid of them. From the beginning, he had goals. As a young man who saw the injustices of this system, he wanted to fight for the justice that our people deserved.

On November 7, 2016, the camp of İbrahim Erdoğan rural guerilla unit of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front (in Turkish Devrimci Halk Kurtuluş Cephesi) was bombed by the army of the fascist oligarchy lackey of the imperialism. Only three guerillas from the DHKC fighters who were in the camp at the time of the bombardment managed to survive. One of them was Oğuz Meşe. Oğuz Meşe, on whom part of the camp had collapsed, which was covered with soil, which had come out alive from the flames of the fire, thought of only one thing: to seek an account from the enemy for his fallen comrades…

They were wounded, they were unarmed, they were three guerrillas. Leyla Aracı, Mahir Bektaş, and Oğuz Meşe asked themselves that historical question: What can do three unarmed guerrillas?

Oğuz Meşe, one of the guerillas of İbrahim Erdogan rural guerilla unit, emerged from the flames of the fires, took back his weapon and grenades, and set out to detonate like a bomb in the enemy’s brain and to seek an account for his fallen comrades. His action is proof of the invincibility of the DHKC guerrillas and they way by which guerrilla warfare was waged by the Party-Front. The tradition of seeking an account from the enemy for the fallen comrades, regardless of the conditions in which we are placed, continued in the mountains with our guerilla Oğuz.

Source: Devrimci Sol magazine, central organ of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party -DHKP, May 2018