Selçuk Akgün – biography

Date of martyrdom: June 4, 1999.

Place of martyrdom: Istanbul

Date of birth: January 10, 1958

Place of birth: city of Erzurum, northeast Turkey(Eastern part of Northern Kurdistan).

Place of the grave: city of Erzurum

He was born on January 10, 1958, in the city of Erzurum.

His participation in the revolutionary struggle dates back to the period before the fascist military junta, which came to power after the coup from September 12, 1980, and began in his hometown of Erzurum. At the time, he was a supporter of another leftist movement. He was arrested after the arrival of the fascist military junta on September 12. Before that, however, he remained in the pre-trial detention of the police for a long time. Here he was subjected to severe torture.

After his arrest, Selcuk was sent to Erzurum Prison. He stays there for several months. After the first hearing in the case against him, he was released. After his release, he moved with his family to the city of Istanbul. At the time, he was arrested in connection with a criminal offense. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

While serving his sentence in Metris Military Prison in Istanbul, he was greatly impressed by the resistance of revolutionary political prisoners in Istanbul. Selçuk did not tolerate injustice. During his years in prison, he organized various protests from hunger strikes to riots among criminal prisoners. In 1993 he managed to escape from the prison dormitory in the city of Tekirdağ. Until the day he martyred, he lived as a prison escapee. He asked to be associated with the Revolutionary Movement. Selcuk was assertive in his desire. After the heavy shootout and resistance of guerillas of the Revolutionary Movement in the village of Balkıca, in the Aegean mountains of Turkey, in November 1998[1], his persistent attempts to establish a connection with the movement became even more intense.

“Its development and the assignment of his first tasks took a very short time. He knew he was working for the revolution. Selçuk was a very disciplined man.”

He died during the operation against the American consulate in Istanbul.

Source: Bağımsızlık, Demokrasi ve Sosyalizm için Yürüyüş (“March for Independence, Democracy and Socialism”) magazine, issue 522, 22 May 2016, page 57.


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