Sadık Mamati-biography

Sadık Mamati

Date of martyrdom: June 4, 1999.

Place of martyrdom: Istanbul

Date of birth: September 27, 1974

Place of birth: city of Rize, northeast Turkey.

Place of the grave: city of Rize

He was born on September 27, 1974, in the city of Rize, the northeastern part of the Black sea region of Turkey. He martyred together with his comrade Selçuk Akgün in a building located in the vincinity of Tarlabashi Blvd., in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district. The two got into a shootout with police after carrying out an armed action against the US consulate in the city. The action aims to call to account US imperialism for its attack against the peoples of Yugoslavia.

His student life began at the University of Afyon western part of central Turkey, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality. It was at this time that he became acquainted with the revolutionary struggle. But his sympathy to the Revolutionary Movement dates back to before this period in his life. He became acquainted with the Revolutionary Movement from its actions and gradually began to feel the desire to become a part of it. The shootout and resistance on April 16-17, 1992[1] had a special place in his memories. Under the influence of the resistance, he decided to establish contact with the organization. That’s why immediately after arriving at the university he joined its ranks.

Many times he was detained and arrested by the fascist oligarchy’s police. After his release from prison, he began working among the masses in Alibeyköy one of Istanbul’s poor districts. In a short time, he became everyone’s favorite. Sadık easily and quickly managed to establish contact with the locals. He had made the guerilla way of thinking part of his daily routine. Sadık was always smiling. His eyes always shone.

He couldn’t wait to get into the struggle. He wanted the waiting time to be as short as possible. He wanted to join the armed struggle as soon as possible. He said waiting for him would be a great and difficult test to pass. He martyred while preparing to carry out an armed action against the US Consulate in Istanbul.

He left behind many comrades to replace him after his martyrdom.

Source: Bağımsızlık Demokrasi ve Sosyalizm için Yürüyüş (“March for Independence, Democracy and Socialism”) magazine, issue 522; May 22, 2016, page 57.


1- More about the resistance of 16-17 April 1992 you can read from the link below

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