Grup Yorum’s new song: “Imperialism”

Turkish revolutionary band Grup Yorum has released a new song titled “Imperialism”


Killer U.S.A, get out of the Middle East!

Didn't you enter our homeland wearing your combat boot?
Welcome to your grave!

The cities of Syria, the houses burned
The seeds of imperialism killed the children

Imperialism, imperialism
You are both degraded and tyrannical
Syria is our homeland
We will bury you, you brutal!

We will demand a reckoning for the blood you spilled in the world!
We will be as just as the pain we feel!

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, you roared at the peoples
The fear of Alişan freezes your blood

Imperialism, imperialism
You are both cruel and degraded
The more you roar,
the more you are a paper tiger

Here is Palestine, our home!
We are the people, the biggest family!
We have been keeping our keys for 70 years!
Every year, that day we march to return to our home!
With our eight-month old baby, with our wheelchair,
We die, but we march!
Because our Palestinian country is our big home!

We are entrusted with keys and catapults
We are growing up as Intifada children, fighting

Imperialism, imperialism,
You degraded and tyrannical
Zionism is accursed
For our 70 years of pain

History is ours.
We are the ones who pulled one-sixth of the world,
Then one third, away from imperialist chains.
We will bury them in this history!
We will not be victims of imperialism,
But we will be their executioners!
Because we are the people and we are right!

Our name is in history,
In Vietnam, in the Soviets
We will eradicate your name
>From whole world eternally

Imperialism, imperialism,
You degraded and tyrannical
We will break your wheels to stop it turning,
Long live socialism!