Grup Yorum is against fascism and imperialism!

During Grup Yorum concert in Moscow, one of the musicians Ali, playing a saz, made a speech against imperialism and fascism, after which the song against American aggression was performed. Here is the Russian translation of this fervent speech.

They say that imperialism has changed. This is a lie, imperialism has not changed. Imperialism is the famine of peoples. Every year ten million people die of hunger and imperialist invasions and attacks.

Imperialism is a fascism. Most of the world is governed by fascism.

They told us that there would be no more wars in the world. We asked why? They said, because now there is a new world order. They said, because now the world is unipolar.

But it was a lie because:

Firstly, the causes of world wars are not socialists. The cause of wars is imperialism and the picture of poverty and hunger that it creates.

Secondly, although the revisionist, reformist administrations were subjugated to imperialism, they could not subjugate the peoples of the world. The peoples of the world continued to fight, to resist imperialist occupation and exploitation.

They said that imperialism has changed nowadays, that imperialism has become democratic, that the era of imperial colonialism has passed now.

Although they say that imperialism has changed, imperialism invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, organized a fascist coup in Ukraine, administrations in Egypt and Tunisia were changed in accordance with imperialist interests, there were massacres in Yemen, gangs of collaborators of imperialism were organized in Syria, Syria was occupied, but the resistance of the people led to the fact that this occupation failed.

When they say that imperialism has changed, imperialism at the same time arranges massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, drops bombs on peoples, turns the whole country into torture, rapes women, kills millions.

When they say that imperialism has changed, imperialism dominates in this world.

Every year ten million children until five years old are starving. They say that imperialism has changed, but a minority, 8.4% of the world’s population, owns 80% of the world’s total wealth. The remaining 91.6% of the population are doomed to hunger and poverty.

They say that imperialism has changed, that there will be no more wars, but fascism and racism are growing all over the world.

Today in a world dominated by imperialism, fascism has grown even more than yesterday. Today, the ideologies of Hitler and Mussolini are leading in the parliaments of imperialist countries. The Second Imperialist War ended with their defeat, but today they are more openly practicing fascism.

Imperialism has managed to deceive peoples for at least some time with the lie of a “new world order”. Reformist, revisionist ideas haunting this lie have also led to imperialism.

But today it is becoming increasingly apparent that imperialism cannot solve a single problem of peoples. The only thing that imperialism will give the peoples is more hunger, more death.

That’s why we say: America, go home! Go home from Turkey, Syria, from Ukraine, from everywhere!

We will continue to sing against America! We will unite and organize people with our songs! In Istanbul we gathered 1 million people at our concert. We will gather more!

Now Grup Yorum will perform a song against American aggression.

Author: N. Sablina

This article is also available in Russianпротив-фашизма-и-империализма/

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