Ali Şahin

Ali Sahin was imprisoned since 2000. He has lived the massacre of 19-22 December. He was wounded by a bullet during the operation “for the return to life” of the oligarchy. There he was 22 years young and without any health problems. The bullets that were fired by the oligarchy in the name of “returning to life”, have made wounds.

He was transferred to the Tekirdag F type prison. He took part in the 8th Death Fast team which began on 1st May 2002. He became weak at a certain point of the resistance and stopped his death fast. In the meantime he was transferred to the Edirne F type prison. He became serious health problems. His family demanded his release according to article 399, but the Minister of Justice who put even people with Wernicke Korsakoff disease into prison didn’t accept this demand. Because he was refused medical treatment and he wasn’t released inspite of the seriosity of his disease, he lost his life in the prison of Edirne on May 21, as the 112th victim of isolation.

Ali Sahin was born in 1978 and has been 26 years old as he left us. The Justice Ministry of the AKP government has watched his death day by day. At least one “terrorist” more would become less; that was the only calculation the Justice Minister Cemil Cicek could make.


Ali Sahin hasn’t been on death fast. Neither has he burned himself. His death is the sign for the isolation torture in the F types and the comprehension of the leaders of the F types who do not attach importance to human life. As long as the isolation torture isn’t stopped, the F types will continue to kill. Up to date you have witnessed several forms of deaths in the F types. Some prisoners didn’t withstood the torturing death cells of the F types and committed suicide. Other prisoners resisted against this tyranny which forces to change the thoughts and to give up the identity and they died in the death fast melting day by day.

Some prisoners turned their resistance into a rebellion and they died by setting themselves on fire. Some prisoners like Ali Sahin were killed under isolation encirclement, because their medical treatment was refused or their legal rights were robbed…