Date: May 3, 2004 Statement: 332

Occupation, Torture and Death in Iraq!

Isolation, Torture and 111 Deaths in the F-Type prisons!

The death fast resister Selma Kubat is the 111th martyr in the resistance against the tyrants and she represents a big dignity and moral.

The tortures of America and the pro-Americans can’t stop the resistance of the people.

The resister of the Gültekin Koc death fast team (10th team) Selma Kubat, fell martyred on the 1st of May, on her 197th day of resistance against isolation in the F-type prisons by setting alight her body against the attempt of forced intervention.

Selma Kubat is the 111th martyr of the resistance which started on October 20, 2000.

The isolation politics of the AKP government, which is supported by the USA and Europe, has already taken 111 lives.

The isolation which already continues for 4 years converted to a constant torture and an open massacre.

The fact, that the 24 hours a day lasting torture in the F-type prisons and the murder of 111 people are hidden with censorship, doesn’t change this reality.

Selma has screamed once again to the whole world the reality of isolation and torture, while she set alight her body. To ignore this voice means to lose any value of human kind.

Selma Kubat is the proof that the oligarchy can’t break the resistance, no matter what kind of methods it is using!

Forced intervention was one of the final weapons that the oligarchy used to defang and break the resistance. By this way hundreds of prisoners were left handicapped. They were not allowed to go until death, but turned into living deaths. The resisters of the Gültekin Koc death fast team, take away all weapons from the oligarchy, while they set alight their bodies.

Massacre, torture, prison cells, isolation, forced intervention, bans, fascist laws… The oligarchy is using all of them and the resistance defangs it one by one.

The resistance overruns all obstacles.

Neither in Iraq nor in the F-types in Turkey, they are able to stop the resistance of the people with massacres, tortures, occupation, isolation. That’s the strenght of the patriots who defend the dignity.

Selma Kubat shows everyone that there is no difference between the tortures of the USA and the pro-American AKP!

Everyone with brain and conscience know that nobody would sacrifice her or his life saying “Stop isolation and torture”, at a place where inhuman tortures do not exist.

In these days the whole world speaks about the torture in Iraq. There’s no difference between the torture in the Ebu Garip prison in Iraq and the torture in the F-type prisons in Turkey. And there’s no difference also between those who practice torture in Ebu Garip and in the F-types. In Ebu Garip it is the USA and in the F-types it is their collaborators.

It is the politics of the USA to oppress all people who resist the imperialist politics by massacres, occupations and tortures. This politics is used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The patriots who resist the occupation are killed and humiliated under torture. In every place of the world the regimes who collaborate with the USA, use the same methods against patriots and revolutionaries who resist the American imperialism. The US-collaborator AKP, roughshod continues its massacre in the F-type prisons, in order to intimidate and destroy the patriots and revolutionaries in our country.

Selma Kubat is a heartful answer to the repression and intimidation politics

Selma Kubat was arrested and jailed on November 13, 2001 in Armutlu.

She has been in Armutlu to support the resistance against the F-type prisons. Against those who put her into prison to prevent her from supporting the resistance, she emerged as a death fast resister. She was a heartful answer to those, who tried to isolate this honorable resistance by torture and detention. Selma Kubat was not the first who was put into the F-types because of supporting the resistance against these prisons.

Those who were put into the F-type prisons for opposing them, weren’t uninhibited and give up their fight against the F-type politics. All the intimidation attempts of the AKP are senseless. As long as the isolation and terror against the opposition of isolation continues, neither the resistance nor the resisters will end.

Selma Kubat has once again written to history that heroes are immortal and the people are invincible

While on the same day ten thousands showed the invincibility of the peoples movement, Selma Kubat screamed out the invincibility of the resistance in the prison cells. On the same day the red flags, that were waved in the streets were accompanied by the flames that surrounded a prisoner in the cells… Selma Kubat, who strenghtened the day of unity, struggle and solidarity of the entire people while she set alight her body, was born in 1978 in Koyuncuköy in Malatya/Arguvan. She was the child of a farmer family. She knew the revolutionaries since the grammar school.

She began to follow up revolutionary publications. In 1997 she got in relation with the revolutionary movement. She started to work at the magazine “Devrimci Genclik” (Revolutionary Youth). This period was a period in which she clarified her choice. Choosing between system and revolution, she went to the youth movement and took more and more duties and responsibilities.

Participating in the struggle she met with arrests, torture and prisons.

The arrests she had faced are characteristic of the repression against those who take part in the democratic struggle in this country.

She was arrested for the first time during a commemoration for a martyred revolutionary in 1997. Her second arrestation was after a visit at the exit of the Sagmalcilar prison. She was arrested the third time, when she went to an elementary school in Bagcilar as correspondent of the youth magazine, to write an article on current events. The fourth time they arrested her, was when she visited TAYAD, in order to write an article about the attack against the TAYAD association. She experienced short imprisonments. Also her last arrestation and detention was because of her right, legitimate and democratic reaction of resistance. Like in the operation of April 1, 2004, those who want to destroy the right of resistance, issued tens of years prison penalties to those who were arrested during their actions in support of the resistance in Armutlu, accusing them of membership of an illegal organisation.

But they couldn’t destroy the right of resistance. Selma and her comrades didn’t permit this with their dignity and moral.

Everybody saw that Selma and her fellows do not decline in this country.

In a country where Selma’s continue to exit, it is pointless to believe that the resistance of the people against oppression can be destroyed by torture, bans, penalties and F-type prisons.