Wind Turbine

As in every field, there is also a unhealthy, ecologically damaging and expensive production of energy. But the production of electricity can be realized both healthy, environmentally compatible and with low costs. With a method developed by the ‘Engineers of the People’, every house will start to produce a part of its own electricity.

The wind turbine, which is installed wind side of the houses, will produce this energy. The ‘Engineers and Architects of the People’ developed the wind turbine according to the peoples needs. The first wind turbine was produced while paying particular attention to operational safety. Step by step the turbines will be installed on top of all houses. Some of the wind turbines will be designed for a single house, some of them for a whole street, and some of them will be in a size, providing for a neighborhood… That way, people will be able to produce their own electricity without paying any money. It will be possible to produce energy without the need of hydroelectric power stations, without draining rivers and destroying the environment…