Computer Games

Nowadays there’s almost no house without a computer. Therefor the relationship of children with computers starts very early. Especially computer games have become one of the most frequent games for children. This is good on one side, harmful on the other side. It is helpful, because our children are open for technological developments and grow up with them. It is harmful, because the whole content of the video games is defined by capitalism.

It pumps its own ideology to their brains by them. Greed for profit, becoming an oppressor or a monster, which destroys, the desire to earn a lot of money, terrorist hunt etc. Without exception, video games are manipulating the minds of our children Computer games form the minds of our children, the way big companies want them to be formed. It is pointless to tell children not to play computer games, while we live in a world, where computers are omnipresent. It would mean to stay behind the era. In that situation it is possible to develop a method, instead of giving in. Let our children play computer games, but let it be computer games, which were designed by ourselves. It is attempted to develop a large number of computer games, which deal with our values, the values of the people, which teach love, sharing, collectivism, which teach to seek for rights and teach how to struggle with the most terrorist imperialists and their collaborators, which contains resistance as using slingshot or stones against the police forces that besieged Taksim… As these games can be two-dimensional, they can also be advanced to three-dimensional games in due course…