People’s Gardens

As on all areas, capitalism is also plundering everything on the field of popular health. Healthy food production was almost made impossible because of capitalism’s greed for profit. All vegetables and fruits we buy are hormone-fed and produced from organisms that are genetically modified
and are containing unhealthy and cancerous substances. The production and distribution of seeds is being prevented by laws with enforcement of the imperialists. So it creates a world, in which we can only find unhealthy nutrition.

Against that, there is no organized and widespread production, with the exception of a few singular examples for clean agricultural production. Under the leadership of agricultural engineers, there was initiated a work for clean, healthy, production without chemical additives and genetically modified organisms. At first, clean seeds were found. These seeds were multiplied in flowerpots of houses in the neighborhood Kücükarmutlu. Later, they were planted to the “Senay-Gülsüman People’s Garden” to be developed further. From this garden, there will be cropped healthy products. Further, the seeds which are raised and reproduced in this garden will methodically be distributed to the gardens of our people. There are large and small gardens in hundreds and thousands of houses of dozens neighborhoods. If we planned and systematically evaluate these gardens, the outcome will be a mid-sized production, of which a part of the population can meet its need of clean vegetables and fruits. If we spread this step by step to all of Anatolia, we can create a serious alternative to the unhealthy products of capitalism.

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