Terror Report 1980-2000

This report is a short summary of the 20 years of oppression, massacres and torture, i.e. the official state terror, history of Turkey.

Only a part of the tens of thousands of incidents of torture, massacres, disappearances and murder by unknown perpetrators during 20 years period are provided in this report. Year by year lists are given. The numbers and the statistics were obtained from the reports by the various organisations that conduct studies in this field, the press and the statements by official organisations.

I shouldn’t be forgotten when the events and the numbers are examined that those who govern a country by force and pressure like ‘darkness’. Persecution is empowered through LIE and CENSORSHIP.

The shared characteristic of all the governments that govern their countries by fascist terror is their intention to hide and darken the facts.

Therefore, there are no certain or clear statistics on almost any issue in our country.

The main focus in this report is on the period between years 1991-2000. While this peri – od is covered year by year, the period between 1980-1990 is examined in three sections, which are 1980-83, 1984-87, and 1988-90.

Especially in a country such as Turkey, where the numbers of people who were killed by torture and official death squads are expressed by hundreds and thousands, where the number of people murdered by unknown perpetrators is confessed by the official state documents as 17,000, where the officially declared number of detainees is about 20 thou- sands, it is impossible to record or document all of these incidents.

On the other hand, the amount and scale of the recorded and documented massacres, murders and tortures reveal the sort of country people have to live in.

The State of Turkey, by hiding its terrorist face, aims to silence all the groups that want to transform the oppression and persecution regime by calling them ‘TERRORISTS’, and to legitimise its pressure over them.

The report that we have complied here aims to reveal who the real terrorist is, and for which purpose the State of Turkey uses the ‘terror’ rhetoric.


  • Deaths by Torture
  • The Massacres by the Death Squads Executions
  • Murders by Unknown Perpetrators Missing People
  • Torture and Massacres in the Prisons

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