Revolutionary Left ( Devrimci Sol)

This Brochure contains the development of the Marxist-Leninist organisation Devrimci Sol ) Revolutionary Left) up today, since it appeared on the political arena. The brochure has been prepared to public this revolutionary organization. It has been translated into different languages.


Introduction  -3-

1. The Rise of Devrimci Sol -4-

2. A Short History Of The Struggle Of Devrimci Sol -5-

Important actions Which Devrimci Sol Has Carried Out Thus Far, And Its Important actions During These Campaigns -6-

a) The period before the fascist military coup of 12 September -6-

-The Campaign Of Struggle Against Imperialism, Fascist Terror, Unemployment, And High Prices (July- August 1979) -6-

Protest Campaign Against The Price Increases, The Resolutions Of January 24th, And The Closing Of Work-Places (February, 1980) -7-

The Campaign Against Police Torture And Against The Police Repression During The Occupation Of Taris (January-February 1980) -8-

The Campaign Against Tortures (April 1980) -8-

The Week-Long Campaign Against Repression In Kurdistan (June 1980) -9-

The Campaign Against Fascist Terror And The Punishment Of Gun Sazak (May-June 1980) -9-

The Campaign Against Torturers And Fascist Terror, And The Execution Of Nihat Erim (One Of The Minister-Presidents In The Period Following The Fascist Coup Of March 12, 1971) (July-August 1980) -10-

b) Praxis after the fascist coup of 12 September 1980 -11-

The Campaign Against The Fascist Junta Of September 12 (September 1980) -11-

The Campaign Against The Terror And Tortures Of The Fascist Junta And The Execution Of Mahmut Dikler, The Assistant Commissioner Of State Security, Responsible For The Political Branch (February- March 1981) -12-

The Hunger-Strike Campaign (April-June 1984) -15-

The Anti-Imperialist And International Solidarity actions -20-

3. The General Goals Of Devrimci Sol -23-

4. The Revolutionary Strategy Of Devrimci Sol  -24-

5. Devrimci Sol Is In The Process Of Developing Into A Party  -25-

6. The Vision Of Devrimci Sol Concerning Unity/A Front  -26-

7. The Policy Of Devrimci Sol Regarding The Kurdish Question  -28-

8. The Vision Of Devrimci Sol Concerning The Problems Of Socialism  -29-

9. The Importance Of Turkey In The Middle East  -31-