The world public opinion should know that the violations of human rights and the laws in Turkey are much more widespread as they appear to be. Now, after the recent events have reached this point, it would be a grave mistake to view the human rights violations and crimes as the acts of just a few criminals because the Turkish state is organised crime itself. What crashed into the lorry in Susurluk, was a criminal organisation. But the horrible facts, becoming public because of this accident, are a mere top of the iceberg… In other words: just a part of the darkness became visible. It shows the internal conflict within the oligarchy which rules the land. But behind this is a sheer never-ending darkness which still has to be revealed. Behind this is the darkness, created by the war against the people.

Those who watch the evidence, confessions and witness accounts which have come into the open so far, will see that those who wage a cruel war against the people are the same as those who carry out terror operations abroad, ordered by the state, and deal in drugs. Nowadays members of this gang, the prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of home affairs, the minister of justice etc., are on a diplomatic mission to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

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