Revolutionary Workers Movement

– In March 2013 the Municipal Workers of Sisli started with resistance in a tent in front of the municipality, both against the mayor of Sisli Mustafa Sarigül and the collaborating leaders of the Genel-Is Trade Union Headquarters. Savas Dogan and workers of the 3rd Branch of Genel-Is, who joined the action, ended their resistance with a victory. The municipality and the union leaders, whom manipulated the general assembly and instead of selecting Savas Dogan, who won the elections, decided for a person of their interest, had to make a retreat.

Due to the support of the workers, the person, which was assigned by the bosses as well as his group had to resign, and a decission for a new general assembly was taken.

– Resistance at Doluca Viticultural and Vine Production factory in Cerkezköy:

The worker of Doluca, Yilmaz Sahin was dismissed because he complained about low pay rises for workers and protested. He was systematically confronted with politics of intimitation by the management of Doluca. On the 13th of February 2013 his employment was terminated. Thereon Yilmaz Sahin set up a tent in front of the factory and started with resistance. During the whole resistance, his employers and the police tried to intimidate him. On the 36th day of his resistance his demands were accepted and he gained victory.

– Resistance of Esin Ulusan at Sarıgazi’s District Hospital:

On 18th July he started with resistance, because he had to work overtime for several years, he was constantly faced with physical and verbal violence and because his compensation and he was stripped of his rights. He turned his action to a tent resistance on 1st August. In the end the resistance showed its power and the bosses accepted Esin Ulusan’s demands on 6th August.

-Kazova Resistance:

On 31st January 2013 the textile workers of Kazova were dismissed. They didn’t receive their wages for 4 months, as well as their premiums, overtime payments and their severance payments. Every week they marched from Bomonti to the Sisli Square. They carried out actions in front of the residences of their bosses. On 29th April they set up a tent in front of the factory in Sisli Bomonti. They attempted for several timees to talk to the Somuncu family (their bosses)… They didnt succeed.

On 28th June 2013 the Kazova workers occupied their factory.

They opened a banner saying “We won’t leave the factory until we get our rights from the textile bosses Ümit and Mustafa Umut Somuncu, whom have robbed our bread, our work and our efforts“. It was legitime to resist and to demand one’s rights with all means,

as soon as robbery, corruption and degeneration is part of a system. Our belongings could only be protected with a tit for tat struggle. The Kazova workers, who wanted to carry out an action on a holiday in front of the house of the prime minister, were taken hostage by the police of AKP. The Kazova workers said „We don’t need parasitic bosses“ and after they repaired their machines they started to produce. This has been the very first example of it in the history of the worker’s class in Turkey. Under the guidance of the Revolutionary Worker’s Movement, the Kazova workers both started producing and directing. On 26th/27th October they confiscated the machines, carrying them to another place. They went in a new phase, producing with these machines without a boss

on their top. The resisting workers of Kazova have achieved victory.

-3rd October 2013, Beltas Resistane:

Workers of BELTAS, which is a subcontract company of the municipality of Besiktas, started for the second time with resistance to protect their union rights. Although the mayor Ismail Ünal declared, that he will accept theb decision of the court, he appealed to the union’s right of competence. Therefore the workers started to resist again. The BELTAS workers demanded to withdraw the trials, which were opened by the municipality in Ankara and Istanbul. The BELTAS workers occupied the District Building of CHP in Besiktas and continued their legitime struggle. They went on hungerstrike… Finally, the demands of the resisting BELTAS workers were accepted. They achieved their union rights and their right to organize.

-Hungerstrike at the head office of Genel-Is Union in Ankara:

Istanbul’s head of district, Veysel Demir and Mehmet Karagöz were dismissed by disregarding the union statute, and they started with a hungerstrike. On 11th December both of them achieved their rights and they were sent back to district head. By that another emplacement had been achhieved against the unionism of bosses under guidance of the Revolutionary Worker’s Movement.

– The BEDAŞ Workers celebrated the victory of their resistance!

6th January 2014:

After 5 workers of BEDAS who are members of the Enerji-Sen union were dismissed, they achieved a victory through the resistance of the workers and returned to their job.

– Those who resist achieve victory, whom do not resist will degenerate.

On March 16, 2014, a solidarity event was conducted

with the Kazova-workers. The theater “Simurg” performed a piece about the “Roboski-massacre”. The Idil Folk Theater stayed together with the workers at the foyer while performing a piece about the Kazova workers. Another piece was about the June uprising and Berkin Elvan. Then the concert part began. In addition to artists such as Ilkay Akkaya and Halan Yesilyurt, Grup Yorum played at the end.


The municipality of Sariyer has dismissed two workers (which are members of the DIH) on 12th of May 2014, because they complained about the poor working conditions.Both then opened then tent before the city council on 20th May 2014. The mayor tried to split the workers with bribery and threats. When all brought nothing, he had to give up on 21st May 2014. Both workers were given back their jobs.

– Millions of dollar factory came to heel:

The Senapa Stampa resistance ended with a victory. 21st July 2014: The worker Salih Savas was dismissed from Senapa Stampa factory, because he insisted in a firm contract and his social rights.

Then Salih Savas built a tent in front of the factory, where he remained for 156 days. He brought to heel the factory with full legitimacy and determination and finally achieved all his rights. The factory management tried to intimidate him since the first day of resistance. Some said „Alone you can reach nothing“, „You can not prevail against such gigantic factory“, „You’re on a deserted post, except you no one provide any resistance.”

But Salih Savas trusted in his rightness and told everyone that he was going to win. He has shown the whole working class, what a single worker is able to achieve with legitimacy and rightness.