My struggle is for work, bread and dignity!

Dear readers,

In this short article we will tell you briefly about the struggle of worker Melike Şahin, who was thrown out of her workplace because of her trade union activities.

My name is Melike Şahin, I was a trade union representative at my work place. Because I defend the rights of my colleagues, on October 4, 2019, I was dismissed from my job in the municipal administration of the Ataşehir district, Istanbul, completely unjust and illegal. In addition, my contract was terminated under Code 04 of the Social Security Code, which states the following: “Termination of permanent employment contract by employer without giving a just cause.”[1] Led by consciousness “My work and my bread are my dignity” I began a single picket in front of the municipal administration building in Ataşehir district.

Performing a trade union activity is a constitutional right. The basic law of the country guaranteed this right. It has been over 3 months since I started fighting the municipal administration of the Ataşehir district to overturn this decision, violating my right.

Those who say that work is of the highest value for them, who claim to be friends of workers and all working people, have not heard my call. I have not stolen anything from anyone, nor have I committed any dishonorable act. The only thing I did was to resist the injustices that were committed against me and my colleagues. I will not remain silent in the future …

I said to myself that “Rights, Law and Justice!”, It should not be a simple slogan, but should be transferred into action. I will not allow them to take my workplace and the future from my hands, as if they were committing a murder without judgment.

For more than 4 months, drawing strength from my righteousness, despite the difficult conditions I am in, I have been resisting in front of the building of the municipal administration of Ataşehir district. I don’t expect anything from anyone, I want my BRED and WORK back!

From February 25, every Tuesday I will hold single picket from 09:00 to 17:00(local time) in front of the building of the Regional Council of the main oppositional Republican People’s Party(in Turkish Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi), of which the mayor of Ataşehir is a member.

Support this honorable and righteous struggle. Let us leave a worthy future to our children.

Let us not remain silent in the face of injustices, no matter by whom they were cause!

Melike Şahin


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