Muharrem Karademir

Our comrade Muharrem Karademir was born in 1973 in Hafik village, Sivas province. When he joined the struggle in Istanbul, he worked in the gecekondus (shantytown areas), in order to turn our poor, of whom he was one, into an organised force. After his activities in the gecekondus he took part in the Armed Revolutionary Units (SDB).

As a fighter in the SDB he continued his struggle. He was imprisoned in June 1992. Muharrem was the child of a poor family. His brother was also a revolutionary. Both of them shared their struggle, both outside and inside prison. His brother Ugur Karademir had tied the red headband on earlier. Forcible medical intervention when he was on the Death Fast left him crippled.

On October 20, 2003, the prison administration put Muharrem in an isolation cell immediately after he notified them in writing that he “had joined the Death Fast”.

From that day on the prison administration subjected him to particular physical and psychological repression.

But he did not betray the red headband which he put on in the name of the 107 martyrs, his comrades, people, homeland and organisation. He defeated the oppressors in their own torture chambers.