Movimiento de Acción Popular Unitaria: Imperialism and Revolution

We live in an epoch in which the imperialist offensive against the peoples of the world has reached a tremendous level. The imperialist powers present themselves as powerful gendermes who are capable of controlling each and every country. Nothing can escape from the all-powerful Imperialist States and the new order which they are seeking to impose on the world.

The completion of the capitalist restoration in the former-USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe has been an important defeat, and not only for the peoples of those countries, who now live under the burdon of a savage model of exploitation which has brought with it poverty, marginalistion and prostitution among other negative aspects of decadent capitalism.

In our continent important guerrilla rebellions have ended in processes of negotiation which not only have not brought an end to the violence as they promised to, but, on the contrary, the inherent violence of the capitalist system has come to the fore, bringing with it the aggravation of the problems which the peoples who supported these guerrilla were experiencing.

Nonetheless, the time is not absolutely in favour of imperialism and the dark forces which are at its service. Despite the claims of obscurantist ideologues, history has not ended, nor are the wise conclusions of Marx, Engels and Lenin in the future of society and the downfall of capitalism wrong.

On the contrary, the Leninist thesis that we are living in the highest stage of capitalism, Imperialism, and that with this the epoch of Proletarian Revolutions has been opened up on a world scale, retains its absolute validity and its definite clarity.

The imperialist powers have not been able – and will never be able – to hold back the march of history and the advance in favour of progress and humanity. The terrible offensive that has been unleashed – which we will not deny has had its effects – is confronted by the irrefutable truth of the decadence and parasitism of the capitalist system.

There is no possible solution for the people of the world within the framework of the maintenance of the capitalist sytsem. No peaceful coexistence is possible between the peoples of the world and imperialism.

Implacable struggle, daily and multifacted confrontation and Armed Rebellion are the forms in which the attitude of facing up to the enemy have to take on the part of the people´s subjected by imperialism.

The existence and the strengthening of the marxist-leninist Party, the iron leadership of the working class in the broad anti-imperialist movement and its own military force which resoluely confronts the forces of reaction, are the indispensible conditions for the people´s struggle come to power, for the victory of peoples revolutions.

Imperialism, which presents itself as powerful and indestructible, is an enemy whose days are numbered. The fairy tale of the unipolar world, the global village and imperialist peace is torn to pieces in the face of the clear weight of history and the inherent contradictions of the capitalist system.

The confrontation between the imperialist powers is every day more intense. The struggle for the division of zones of domination and the control of strategic geopolitical areas is carried out with growing violence and ferocity.

Any attempt to establish peaceful control or division between the disputed zones on the part of the imperialist powers is and will be futile. The voracious, aggressive and insatiable nature of Imperialism is a condition which no process can control.

We are in the midst of the crisis of the capitalist system in its epoch of decadence and parasitism. None of the policies which have been designed for the benefit of the monopolies has resolved the crisis, and nor will they be able to. Each of these measure has achieved nothing except to deepen this crisis. The concentration of wealth has increased at the expense of condeming millions and millions of human beings to hunger and marginalisation.

War between the different imperialist centres is a reality which in the future will not be able to be avoided. The imperialist powers can drag the working class and the exploited peoples into reactionary wars to benefit the monopolies. The struggle for world peace is the struggle for Revolution, socialism and freedom. If imperialism tries to drag the peoples into reactionary wars, the firm and decisive response of the workers of the world must be to unleash the war of proletarian liberation.

The struggle is not easy, and still less is it short. In our country we have lived through periods of lessons which have clarified things. The process of the class struggle in the last 25 years has been of a surprising vitality. And our Party, Mapu, has been one of the protagonists of this struggle.

The bloody overthrow of the Popular Unity government and its stategy, with the ideological conception which directed it, is a clear, true and certain sign that the path of reforms and the deepening of democracy put forward by the revisionists and reformists of various types, is nothing but a path which, inobjective terms, favours imperialism and the local financial monopoly bourgeoisie.

A people which struggles for its rights, to advance to socialist construction and communism, cannot do so by respecting the framework set up by the bourgeois in order to hold on to its power. The bourgeois democracies are nothing more than the ferocious dictatorship of the bourgeoisie exercised against the people and the working class. The bourgeois state is the organised violence of this class inorder to maintain its domination over the peoples of the countryside and the city. All its institutions, its laws and democratic constitutions have this seal – the maintenance of the sacrsanct capitalist system. To lock up the popular struggle within this framework of legalism and petty bourgeois pacifism means the defeat of the workers and popular movement.

The role of imperialism in the coup and the establishment of the counter-insurgency police state is of prime importance. It was under the requirements of imperialist domination and in order to deepen this domination that the coup was carried out and the subsequent transformations which were made to the state.

Pinochet and his dictatorship are neither an interruption nor and exception to Chilean “democracy”. They are a logical consequence of the development of the class struggle. The transformations in the state which were implemented through the dictatorship mean that now there is now way back. Never again in Chile wil there be democracy of the form which existed before 1973, and of course we do not want to imply by this that were was a real democracy then.

The system imposed by the dictatorship and imperialism resulted in a fascisation of the state which cannot be reversed. Today in Chile the struggle confronts the working class and the people with a police and counter-insurgency state which is absolutely anti-democratic and exclusive.

The government which came after Pinochet, which is today presented as civilian and with elections, continues to be the current expression of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. In the framework within which the class struggle is developing in Chile, it is impossible to think of advancing through mainly legal means.

Revolutionary combat is a necessity which it is impossible to postpone. Revolution is on the order of the day. The development of the war of the whole people is a task for today. There is no room at all for pacifist and legalistic illusions. The course of the revolution is without doubt driven forward through the revolutionary violence of the masses and through revolutionary armed struggle on the part of the people´s own military force.

The Chilean revolution is popular and anti-imperialist. The fundamental contradictions for the development of Chile as a nation and the realisation of the aspirations and the needs of the people are posed with capitalism as a system, with imperialism as the decisive enemy and the financial monopoly bourgeoisie as the bastion of reaction.

The access to and control over the national wealth bz the majority of the people is the prerequiste for sovereignty and development. In this way the revolution which is underway is posed as an uninterrupted process towards the socialist revolution and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

What is needed is to build a new society, breaking with dependency and exploitation, opening the way to a homeland which is fully for the benefit of its people, based on the principle of the full satisfaction of the people´s needs, sustained through popular power, working class leadership, integration on a continental scale and the masses´capacity for defence extended throughout the entire territory. This is our idea of People´s Chile.

The future of People´s Victory is only possible through completely overthrowing the bourgeois state. In this way, the process which is underway is that of the development of Total People´s War, which in Chile assumes the particualr form of Mass Insurrectional War, our strategy for the seizure of power.

In the development of these battles we see ourselves up against not only imperialism and the financial monopoly bourgeoisie, but also and in a distinct way against petty bourgeois tendencies towards conciliation and legalism which develop within the workers and people´s movement.

These are expressed in different ways – some in an open and undisguised revisionism, others dressed up in a pseudo-revolutionary language which, referring to old defeats and current weaknesses attempts to put off the revolution and the people´s war until a hypothetical tomorrow which never arrives.

Against these tendencies towards equivocation, the ideological struggle must be waged implacably. With the weapon of marxism-leninism we have to tirelessly confront the defeatists and the revisionists, strengthening the party of the working class in the drive towards the Mass Insurrectional War.

Mapu, the marxist-leninist, revolutionary and proletarian party, is fighting daily to establish itself as the effective vanguard of the proletariat, the vanguard and leading class in the revolution.

This affirmation is complemented by our efforts towards the unification of the marxist-leninists of our country. As a result of a series of processes and of the multifaceted reality of the development of the class struggle in our country, and of course as a result, too, of errors that our Party has committed, the process of unification of the marxist-leninists is not something that has been completed in our reality.

Mapu is struggling to bring about this unity, and in this process we salute the revolutionary practice of the MIR-EGP (Movement of the Revolutionary Left-Guerrilla Army of the Poor), a revolutionary party along side which we share the daily struggle and key definitions which characterise the revolutionary struggle, without denying that there are differences which we debate as we face them in practice.

This revolutionary process in Chile is not isolated from the conditions in which the class struggle is unfolding in the world. We regard proletarian internationalism as a fundamental and guiding principle in our revolutionary theory and conception, based on marxism-leninism.

In addition to the global character of the proletarian revolution, there is also a continental dimension. In this way, coordination, mutual exchange and recognition among the marxist-leninist organizations of Latin America is a necessity which we revolutionaries must actively face up to.

To advance in this direction requires a firmly expressed political will, free of any hegemonic intent, respecting the independence of each party, accepting the differences which exist, and without any regionalist or exclusivist intentions.

That is to say, this process must be intimately tied to the process of unity which of necessity will have to develop within the international communist movement.

The struggle of the proletariat and the exploited peoples of the world has one principal enemy: Imperialism, which we have to confront with unity and an iron commitment to victory.

In this way the struggle of the working class in the imperialist countries for socialist revolution and the struggle in the dependent and neo-colonial countries for the popular and anti-imperialist revolution which will go forward uninterruptedly towards the socialist revolution, are the inseperable expressions of the same process.

The revolution is a necessity and an historic duty. The duty of the revolutionaries of the world is to struggle in every way to bring the future victory of the people into being.

Nothing can hold us back in this beautiful adventure of the revolution. We have a whole world to win by breaking the chains of capitalist expliotation.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

With the people, with weapons, and with ideas, we will win!