International Symposium of the Anti-Imperialist Front – First Day

Movements, institutions, organisations, progressives, revolutionaries and anti-imperialists met on February 14 in Athens, the capital of Greece, in response to the call of months agoto the call of the Anti-Imperialist Front (AIF-AEC).

The first session of the symposium, which was held at the Polytechnic University of Athens, started at 6.40 pm. The speech was given by Konstantina Kartsioti on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Front. Konstantina Kartsioti: “As peoples of the world, we must unite and fight against imperialism and fascism.”

With these words she gaves information about the program of the symposium. After Kartsioti, Halil Demir gave the speech of the symposium on behalf of the People’s Front (Halk Cephesi). Demir read the poem “Gerechtigkeit der Volksjustiz” by Bertol Brecht and thanked the participants for their coming. Halil Demir stressed: “Today it is essential to carry out revolutionism. We must wave the red flag of socialism by opposing imperialist aggression and resist all burdens and attacks in a process of surrender, liquidation, wandering and the attempt to end of resistence”.

After the opening speech of the People’s Front, Sadi Naci Özpolat of the People’s Front from Turkey took the floor and said: “The struggle against imperialism is a duty. To fight against the attacks on revolutionaries is the only liberation”, he said, adding that there is something that everybody can do against it.

After the speech of the People’s Front from Turkey, Markus from Switzerland made a speech in the name of the Alliance against War (Hands off Syria). The word was given to Nora Alva in the name of Logo (Movadef), a fundamental rights and labour movement from Peru, from a Latin American fighting environment. Nora Alva describes the attacks of imperialism in Latin America and the resistance of the peoples.

Revolutionary Unity from the Netherlands (in the name of Revolutionary Unity) Thomas Hofland spoke about the imperialist attacks. In a speech, the component of the Anti-Imperialist Front from Greece was established by the classical counter-attack and it was emphasised that imperialism will be defeated by joint struggle.

A live telephone connection was established with Aleksey Albu from Russia. Aleksey Albu gave information about the state of the Ukranya region of Donbass. While answering the questions addressed to him, he pointed out that imperialism will be destroied through the peoples’ struggle.

The first session of the symposium ended with a short video about the massacres of imperialism and the resistance of the peoples.

The theme is well prepared by the Anti-imperialist Front in the hall.
The motherboards, flags, photos and stands that were hung up showed their visuality.

Source: Dogan Presse

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