Meryem Altun

Our comrade Meryem Altun said on June 21, 2000, at a meeting of Death Fast Volunteers: “I want to state that I am ready to take on any kind of duty during the resistance. We will win victory, we will win by paying a price.”

She was born on August 18, 1976 in Istanbul (she was registered in Kayseri). Meryem Altun went to Umraniye High School up to the second year. She started to struggle for rights and freedoms when she was in high school. Her older brother Kahraman Altun was a Devrimci Sol(Revolutionary Left) fighter. He was martyred in Izmir in 1991.
At the end of 1991 Meryem joined her family which had gone to work abroad. She spent seven years in England. She was also part of the struggle there. Twice she was detained and spent six months in European prisons. At the end of 1998 she returned to her homeland. She joined an armed unit to fight this tyrannical system. She knew that it was impossible for there to be independence, freedom, a human way of life and enough food for our people under a system authorised by imperialism and the pro-system parties. This is what she wrote: Victory will not be given to us as a present, we will win it, by resisting and paying a price we will achieve victory. And now her name is the name of the price we pay and the victory we will win.

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