Lawyer Berrak Caglar transfers her notes from the visit she has done with the lawyer Aytaç ÜNSAL who is on the 135th day of his death fast

Hello friends, we’re now in front of Burhaniye prison. We’ve seen our dear colleague Aytac Ünsal there. Aytac Ünsal is on death fast for 135 days now. And his weight has dropped to 61 kilos.

He started with a weight of 79 kilos and now weighs only 61. Our colleagues send their greetings. And they want to say to all jurists, to all presidents of the bar associations, to all lawyer. Our profession goes down the drain. They don’t allow you, don’t want you to practise your activities at the bar association, they don’t want us to practise as lawyers, and they want that lawyers keep their hands off the defense. This is why we resist. We resist to gain back the right of fair trials. And they say, we request all of you to take action. And our dear colleague calls out there to the presidency of the judicial council ‘How will you pull it off when this wall of shame is collapsing. If you don’t avoid the intervention to this file, if you don’t give a legal decision over this file, how are you going to live with this shame? Don’t take part in this disgrace, don’t take part in this crime! And behave like jurists when you examine this file” says our dear colleague Aytac Ünsal.