Fair trials – independent jurisdiction…

Lawyers and political prisoners have to risk their lives against the courts under influence of AKP government.

Hunger strike (death fast) of democratic lawyers continues for:

Ebru Timtik: 167 days (since January 3, 2020)

Aytac Ünsal: 136 days (since February 3, 2020)

Hungerstrike (Death fast) of political prisoners continues for:

Didem Akman & Özgür Karakaya: 120 days (since February 19, 2020)

Time runs ….

The prisoners in Turkey continue to resist for their lawyers, the lawyers for their clients.

All of them want a fair trial, the end of corruption and intervention to the jurisdiction by the political power.

The file of 17 democratic lawyers, lawyers of the people, is now before the supreme court for examination. In this same period the political power in Turkey under R.T. Erdogan once again seeks to interfer in the juridical procedure and leaks political files and slander by regime close media to influence the court in their decision.

The lawyers, as well as hundreds of political prisoners, intellectuals, journalists and musicians of Grup Yorum were imprisoned and charged by the false statements of less than a handful of “secret witnesses”, who were forced by torture and misused by the political police to create files against them based on their false statements.

After a court released 17 lawyers after 1 year arbitrary detention, correctly arguing that there were no proofs for any crime but only activities which are part of their legal profession, it didn’t take even 24 hours that the panel of judges was removed and replaced by another to order re-arrest of 12 of those released lawyers.

Recently 8 of the lawyers of People’s Law Office (HHB) and the Association of Progressive Jurists (CHD) are jailed, two in a death fast for freedom of defense.

They were sentenced with a total of 159 years of imprisonment, while the state of evidence hasn’t changed at all:

To be a non-profit lawyer, to defend human rights, to denounce state crimes such as torture, murder, disappearance and war crimes is the reason for such a severe sentence and subsequently for the death fast of lawyers and political prisoners.

They only say: Hands Off the Jurisdiction. Do not interfere in our file cases. Don’t use secret witnesses but show evidences for the charges against us….

We fully support them! And all we can say is:


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