İmdat Bulut

Imdat Bulut; For me, within the resistance there is no such thing as death.


Our comrade Imdat Bulut was born in Kars-Akyaka (in north-eastern Turkey) in 1966. He belonged to the Terekeme nationality (a numerically small Turkmen group found in eastern Anatolia, especially near Kars). He was one of the people. He was a people’s liberation fighter. He got to know the oppressors and exploiters in his home village.

He went to the big cities to work and there he became even more closely acquainted with exploitation and tyranny. He was only able to go to primary school; in his teenage years he worked as a tailor for some of the time, and then as a house painter. He was angry with the system but still had not found the right way to oppose it. He did his military service when he reached the statutory age. He did his military service in the Tekirdag Province Central Prison in the gendarmerie command associated with it. After the military he went back to working as a labourer.

Although he never went past primary school he had become familiar with life, the road of liberation, and found the way to put an end to poverty and injustice.

He read the magazine Mucadele (Struggle), sold the magazine in his own village and peddled in order to help the movement. He got to know the revolutionary movement in Kars in 1994. Shortly afterwards he said he wanted to join the guerrillas. A short time later he had his wish, and was a guerrilla in the Black Sea mountains. He waged the struggle in the mountains for a free country.

He was taken prisoner in March 2000. From then on he had to make his dreams and beliefs live on in the prisons and had to defend them there. His attitude to the movement was expressed in the following way:

“I see our movement as a spotless indicator of the way to follow because of its trust and love of our people as shown in practice. In short, I see it as my own identity.”

That is, his identity was revolutionary beliefs, people’s power, independence, democracy and the ideal of socialism. He joined the Death Fast because of his belief. And he was martyred for his identity.

Saying, We will live with our beliefs, he joined the 5th Death Fast Team, tied on the red headband and lay down to die. He did not give in to tyranny. He became immortal, retaining his beliefs.