Hasan Güngörmez

He was a volunteer for the First Death Fast Team in Cankiri Prison. He was martyred on the 70th day of the Death Fast. Hasan was born on August 28, 1964 in Golyazi village, Cihanbeyli town, Konya.

In 1987 he started to take part in the revolutionary struggle in the ranks of another political movement. In 1992 he joined our movement. Since that year he was a prisoner. He was a representative of our movement in Cankiri Prison. Hasan was a volunteer for the First Team of Death Fast resisters in the year 2000. While he was putting on the red headband, he said the following words:

“Today I consider myself the happiest human being in the world. In this situation, in this atmosphere, it would be unnecessary to say too many words. To be a part of the Death Fast resistance, hundreds of Party-Front supporters are confronting death and so need to show all their abilities, all their skills. This is our power, this is our source of resolve. I swear by this red headband that I will never do anything that besmirches it. The Party-Front means equality and means justice. The Party-Front means honour and morality. The Party-Front means hope and the future. I am so happy to be a small stone in the building of this future.”