Halil Önder

Born in 1970 in Duzici-Osmaniye. Became acquainted with the revolutionary struggle in the ranks of Dev-Genc. Was imprisoned in September 1992.

He spent a large part of his revolutionary life in prison. After staying in Bayrampasa and Umraniye prisons he came to Ceyhan Prison. Of revolutionism, he said,

“We are engaging in the most beautiful, most noble, most valuable and most moral work in the world. I am very proud of this.” Our comrade Halil also expressed the following feelings when he took his place in the ranks of the First Death Fast Team, “Now only we will speak. And once we have begun to talk, nobody will know when we will be silent. We will speak so powerfully that everybody will hear us wherever they are. We know that victory is ours just as well as we know our own names. And from now on I feel honoured to be one of the creators of this victory.”