Gültekin Koç

He was born on April 9, 1977 in Erzincan-Cayirli. He went to elementary and middle school in Esenler District, Istanbul. He was in the third class of Sakarya University’s Department of Construction Engineering.

He both studied and worked. He started to sympathise with the revolutionaries during his high school years. He actually became a revolutionary at the end of 1995. He took his place in the struggle during his school years. He joined the academic-democratic struggle among youth. Like nearly every human being who becomes a part of the struggle for rights and freedoms, he was detained, subjected to torture and thrown in prison. He was detained on May Day 1996. During his imprisonment he was brought to Eskisehir Cell-Type Prison. While in prison he joined in the Indefinite Hunger Strike. When the prisoners’ resistance ended with the closure of the Eskisehir cell-type prison he was brought to Umraniye. Some time later he was released but detained again at the end of April 1997. On being released he again took his place in the struggle. He was a revolutionary who believed that this regime can be changed under the leadership of revolutionaries and he was aware that it is essential to struggle for this aim.
This is what he said: “I can say that it is the only Party (DHKP-C) which can achieve revolution and has the foresight to envisage such a thing. In fact what affects me the most is the correctness of the Party’s policies. This might be a classic statement, but I have nothing other than the Party. Because the period that I have lived through has reminded me that I cannot live as a part of this system.”