Cengiz Soydaş

Born in Trabzon (North of Turkey) in 1972. He was Turkish. Even though originally he was from Gumushane he finished his primary and secondary education in Trabzon. He was in Istanbul when he was in high school. In 1990 he started his higher education in Gazi University’s department of Mechanical Engineering.

He met with revolutionaries during these years. He took part in the struggle of student youth. He met with Devrimci Sol (Revolutionary Left) in the summer of 1993. During the visits of students association to the resistance of the municipality workers of Kagithane / Istanbul he met with people who were from Devrimci Sol. He went for a 3-day- Hunger Strike to support the resistance of municipality workers of Kagithane. Since 1994 he began taking responsibilities within youth. After 1995, this time in Ankara, he took more responsibilities in different areas. He was arrested on July 19, 1995 in Ankara. He was in the second team of 1996 Death Fast fighters in Ankara Ulucanlar prison. He was transferred to Bartin prison on April 1998. When the December 19, 2000 operation began he was a Death Fast fighter and was sent to Sincan Nazi camp by torture.

He fell martyr on the 150th day of the Death Fast Resistance. Cengiz had said before lying for death The history will, once again, write on its white pages, the invincible resistance of of free captives who die cell by cell. The history will witness, once again, that the last word is always belong to those who resist.

This power is belong to us.

This power is belong to our martyrs. We learned from them how to engrave the name of hope on the walls. We learned from them how to prevent death becoming a weapon on the hands of enemy and how to challenge the tyrants.