Ayşenur Şimşek

Date of martyrdom: January 24th 1995.

Location of martyrdom: city of Kirikkale, Kirikkale province, central Turkey

Date of birth: 1968

Place of birth: town of Gölbaşı, Ankara province

Place of the grave: Gölbaşı Municipal Cemetery, Ankara province

On January 24, 1995, she was kidnaped by the forces of the so-called counter-guerrilla (NATO’s secret organization for waging war against revolutionary movements around the world). On April 13th 1995, she was found killed near the town of Kirikkale, central Turkey.

She was born in 1968 in the town of Gölbaşı, Ankara province, a Turkish by nation. She worked in organizing civil servants (public workers) in Ankara. She is one of the founders of the Health Workers’ Union (in Turkish Sağlık Emekçileri Sendikası, SES). During the 1993-1994 period, she was tasked with completing tasks, as part of the Ankara and Inner (Central) Anatolian Coordination Committee, of the Revolutionary Left Forces Organization (in Turkish Devrimci Sol Güçler, the early form of today’s People’s Front movement)

When Ayşenur was kidnaped counter-guerrilla agents, she is in charge of party organizations in the Sivas, Tokat and Kayseri provinces. Shortly before being kidnaped, police made threats on the phone to her relatives that if she did not abandon the revolutionary struggle as soon as possible, she would be killed. Ayşenur knew all this. But for her, there was nothing worthy than dying for her people and her homeland. In the course of her struggle, she became more attached to her party and her people. It continued to carry out her tasks without problems. At the end of 1994, she performed tasks in the party’s clandestine organization in the region.

“Like the movement that connects us, me and you – we, give a lot of effort for each other. You have put a lot of your effort into me, now it is my turn, the comradeship relations demands this from me.”

Ayşenur Şimşek

Source: Halk Okulu (People’s School), issue 9, January 12th 2020.

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