In the attack by the terrorist organisation ISIL in Sanliurfa/Suruc on 20th July 2015, 32 of our people were killed. Instead of giving account of the massacre, the responsible organized “security” meetings under the title “struggle against terrorizm” and started a war against those who demand justice for the people, against the revolutionaries.

This time the curtain for the war against the people was the struggle against ISIL.

One day after the “security” meeting at the Cankaya Palace, which was held under the presidency of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on 23rd July 2015, they started to raise terror towards the people.

Around 300 people were arrested during the raids in 13 cities of Turkey, which were directed against the people and revolutionaries. 5000 police forces joined the “terrorizing operations” in Istanbul.


Our client is a revolutionary, which struggles for bread, justice and freedom for our people.

The statements, that she’d be “suicide bomber” are only for covering the massacre and a total lie.

The crime of killing Günay ÖZARSLAN was raised by preventing the lawyers to enter the scene of crime despite of their demand in front of all organs.

Without fail the lawyers had to join this crime scene investigation, in which the state prosecutor took part, as well. Forasmuch in an incident, where the perpetrator was the police, the proofs aren’t save at all. Further, investigations regarding a person, which was killed by the police can’t be done by the police itself.

For in that case, the danger of suppression of evidence to protect the institution and ones colleagues is very strong. Even in many cases this was happening.

The suppression of evidence in the murder case of Festus Okey and Ali Ismail Korkmaz, which was issued in separate trials, are exemplary for it in the close history. As soon as our lawyer colleagues heard, that the assassinated person is our client, with the demand of her family, they immediately went to the house, were the execution had taken place.

They reported following:

“The streets were closed by the police, they didn’t let us in. We told them to call the prosecutor or one of their bosses. But they said ‘We informed them, wait’. Neither the prosecutor nor the police chief came to us. They gave neither a single statement to us nor to the older sister of Gunay. The police of a country, whose borders are full of holes, didn’t let the lawyers enter the streets of the country. That’s all they can do. We started a sit-in protest. Meanwhile a ambulance left the scene. We held speeches. People started to gather. We got more and shouted slogans. 3 hours later the police moved away. Immediately we went in the house. Meanwhile the family also came back to their house. The police took their testimony and released them.

According to the explanation of the owner of the house, in which the execution took place, the family who lives there wanted to open the door, but the police forces directly began to break the door with a battering ram.

Our client Gunay Ozarslan is alleged to have said to the family ‘I don’t want you to be harmed. I won’t surrender’. The police then is alleged to have broken up the door and went in. Gunay is alleged to have said that she won’t surrender and went back to the living room. The house owner is alleged to have implored to the police ‘I will give her to you, let her’. The mother of the family is alleged to have tried to convince Gunay, but she said ‘I won’t surrender’, warned the family ‘I don’t want that you get harmed’ and went next to the window. There she is alleged to have shout the slogan ‘You won’t be able to make me surrender!’ The police is alleged to have directly opened the fire and killed our client Gunay Ozarslan.

As execution and suppression of evidence was not enough, the violation of law now continues by not handing over the dead body to the family and lawyers. The injustice has turned to immorality.

Though the prosecution ordered to hand over the body to the family, the police behaves as aggressive, even ignoring this order.

The state has no right to appropriate the health or body of a person. Even in the bourgeois law, the body of a person is only belonging to that person. And after losing ones life the family decides what to to with the dead body. As long as a person is alive, it can take some decisions regarding his body and write that to the testament. But the measurement we lived today is such a reckless, they even try to take revenge from the dead body of Gunay Özaslan and decide not to give it to her family or not to bury her at the place they wish to. This example of maneaters, which has no place in any religion or culture, has become a privileg of the police of the AKP and its justice.

Well, what is the political meaning of all those proceedings, which do not find explanation in the law order?

Whenever they talk about security in a state summit, we know, that they have already given the death sentence for the people and the revolutionaries. We also know that security for the state means death and massacre for the people; freedom for the people means death to a fascist state.

Within this class reality „there’s no middle way, no reconciliation, no peace, and no condition“.

This is not our will, our analysis, but the objective reality. The AKP government has started a new wave of attack against the people to protect its fascist power. It carried the war against the people to a higher level. As the historical struggle experiences against fascism taught „It is not possible to come to an agreement or to make peace with fascism; fascism means hostility to the people and has to be destroyed“.

Even when they base on the word of Nazi Goebbels, who said ‘Tell such a big lie, that no one would have the courage to counter it’, and try to establish plot theories, they won’t be able to hide their lies.

The police of Istanbul has openly murdered another revolutionary with the „lies of terror“ and tries to distort the conscious of the people with the lie it has presented to the bourgeois media.

The won’t be able to distort. Beginning from our client Gunay OZARSLAN, we commemorate with respect all revolutionaries who lived and gave their lives for the people. We promise that we will raise their heritage of struggle for the right to resist and for justice, at the place we are.