We have said we will the body, and we have got it

In the days of arguments about the body of Günay Özarslan, female Kurdish revolutionary who had been executed in a family house in Istanbul by the police during nationwide raids, the Alevi Center (CEMEVI) in Gazi district was constantly attacked with gas bombs.

The day-long resistance that the members of the Popular Front and the population had undertaken to bury the body of Günay Özarslan–which was held in Cemevi for two days–according to her wish, showed to the people the true face of fascism.

Alevi associations and also the Association of Progressive Lawyers (CHD) gave their opinion on the incidents.

On the morning of July 27th the Alevi association “Alevi Bektasi Federation”, “Anatolian Culture Foundation Haci Bektasi Veli”, the “Cultural Association of Pir Sultan Abdal” and the Alevi Cultural Association “Hubyar Sultan” declared in front of the Istanbul Governorship, that they tried to contact the responsible authorities in relation to the attacks which turned out into an “exercise for massacre”.

The deputies of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Aykut Erdogdu and Hilmi Yarayıcı and also the representative of HDP Ali Kenanoglu attended the press conference, when finally a delegation was formed for an interview with the governor.

On the same day, the attorneys of CHD had gathered in front of the Caglayan Court to file charges against the police attacks. But they were not spared the attacks by the “security” forces. The lawyers said, that they were forced by the police with shields and even that their colleague Ebru Timtik’s bag was stolen by an official.

The lawyers reported about the way in which their client Günay Özarslan was murdered, and stressed that the so-called “operations against the IS” with methods of the state of emergency was directed against the revolutionary left and socialist parties.

After the lawyers reaffirmed again that there was no confrontation with Günay Özarslan, but this was a real execution that the evidence was obscured in place of the crime and the floors were cleaned up immediately, the victim’s mother, Makbule Özarslan also said a few words.

She reported, that with her daughter and their comrades they were “soaked in gas for 5 days”, that the “water cannons had skin burning chemicals added” and that “many young people were injured in the attacks”.

She also said, that they, because of the attacks directed against them could not even live the pain. “My heart is turned to stone. It is not enough that they murdered my daughter but they even try to prevent that we bury her.”