DHKC 353: We will continue to use our right to resist while the isolation policy continues


Date: January 13, 2006 Statement: 353

As we announced in our Statement No.352, we have given our 121st martyr in the struggle against the tyrannical SOLITARY CONFINEMENT regime in the F-Type prisons. Our comrade of the Death Fast, Serdar Demirel, was killed under the torture of force feeding on January 7, a process designed to destroy the right to resist.

The policy of isolation is a policy of the oligarchy that produces torture, horror and massacres, and it has done so since it was introduced.

To be able to put our comrades in isolation conditions and to attempt to make them surrender under such conditions, our people were burned alive, hundreds of prisoners were tortured, hundreds robbed of their memory or left handicapped and 121 people murdered.

The isolation massacre continues.

Our comrade Serdar Demirel is the 121st person murdered under isolation conditions.

As retaliation for the killing of our comrade Serdar Demirel,

– At 8:30 in the evening of January 8 we fired on a police car at Istanbul/Umraniye’s TEM highway at the Ridvan Dedeoglu Viaduct.

– at 10 pm on January 9, we used Molotov cocktails and bombs to set fire to the branch of the Yapi Kredi bank on Vatan Avenue in Istanbul/Caglayan.

We warn those who continue the policy of isolation and plans for massacres: be afraid of the anger that has accumulated in us as hundreds of our comrades are slaughtered or left crippled.

A reckoning will be demanded from all who are responsible for this tyranny, all who practise it, all who profit from it, all who have gained promotion through it. Justice will be manifested sooner or later.

We will use our right to resist while isolation is being practised!

We have demanded and will demand a reckoning for our martyrs!

Serdar Demirel is immortal!



The statement is available in English, German and French

Solange die Isolationshaft anhält, werden wir von unserem Recht Rechenschaft zu verlangen Gebrauch machen!

Action de rétorsion du DHKC pour l’assassinat de Serdar Demirel

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