We punished Cuneyt Arslan by shooting into his legs

Comrades, friends, our people, we have punished one of the drug dealers supported by the police who tries to bog down our youth that’s being attacked from everywhere.

Our people, we will not shelter this system’s decadent persons who tried to spread the filth brought by the establishment in our neighbourhoods. The ones who spread the decadence should know this: in this neighbourhood there is Front militia, there are those who provide justice. Front members are the people who do what they say, and defend what they do. We are saying once more, those who sell drugs in our neighbourhood, who run brothels, who point the bad business towards the children of our people, they will not escape the being brought to account by the people. Because of this, we are saying: come, account for your crimes, because Cuneyt Arslan thought that he will remained unpunished however he did not avoid the popular justice. We are addressing all people’s enemies, those who take the state’s protection behind them and defy the revolutionaries and the people of the neighbourhood, those who attempt stir up defiance will be punished. This state cannot protect it’s headquarters, they will not protect you at all. Submit to the popular justice, do not poison people’s children. We fight with the courage and the flag we took from Hasan Ferit Gedik, and we will continue fighting in spite of the high price.

Drugs and tyranny are the realities of fascism. However, there is no reason to be pessimistic. As people we have the power and ability to fight. It’s the greatest power there is. Because of that, let us be the power, let us unite in our neighbourhoods against the drugs, against this dishonour.

On June 10th Cuneyt Arslan was punished with three shots in the legs in a zone known as the police headquarters.

Hasan Ferit Gedik is immortal!

We started the war on drugs, we will liberate this bog!

Çayan is the Front, Çayan is the struggle!

DHKP-C is the name of the hope!

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