The imperialist robbers continue their politics of terror and plunder. Today, the target of the Us-imperialism is Iran. This time, the embargo of the yankees against Iran lured dismay all over the world. We also must remember the embargo against Iraq and the war that folloved…

For the imperialistst all means to push through their “New Worldorder”, are fine. During the Gulfwar they dropped thousands of bombs and slaughtered to drive the people into fear and fright. As soon as they noticed, their pursued omnipotence did not lead to their aim, new attacks and new threads followed.

For the imperialists, their aircrafts and fleets are considered as “unbeatable”. The stage-managers of the bloody scenarios see themselves as the absolute “rulers of the world”. Because of their views, they look upon the people, the nationalities, the liberationstruggles and the liberationorganisations as just “chess-men”. The imperialists try to win time with their staged confrontations and they try to create new foundations for their own interests. For instance: to maintain the economic situation, which they evaluate as in their interest, they set on the different peoples on the one half of the globe while on the other half, like in the middle ages, they try to enslave the people.


” Today, the “cold war”, which means as much as confrontation without weapons, is used as a definition to legitimate the contra-revolution, the capitalist restoration and the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is presented as “absolute peaca”. Now their are no more poles, the “cold war” is at an end. Those who write about the worldpolitcs, suddenly don’t talk anymore about the cold war.

Is the “cold war” really over? It is important to review the politics and manoeuvres in ist actual conte-t and to define the, for many years presented as very important, “cold war” and to find out the meaning of this idea for the imperialists.

In reality, the “cold war” is nothing but an excuse. An excuse to continue arming, to exercise terror and to intrigue in the neo-colonial countries and to justify coup d’etadt’s. Therefore the threat of commuunism for the “free world” is pulled to the front. To protect this so called “free world” also nuclear armament was unguestioned.

This political idea is promoted very much in “years without war” to keep the capitalist economy alive. Because of the fact that the cold war is a means for an aim also in these day’s, nothing has changed. The so called threads and the pronounced “cold war” from yesterday, which is aimed at communism, is targeting today at the so callðed “terrorist countries” or “problematic countries”. The excuses are the same, only the shape has changed.

In short, imperialism cannot survive without cold-or hot war. With the second world war, imperialism had created ist complete economical base for the militarisation. It is important to be aware of the fact that the “coldwar” based on ist dynamics to create tradexcycles in the world, rapidly can develop to a hot war. To satisfy ist needs for more and even bigger militarisation, more weapons are bought and attacks are carried out. This leads to the creation of more enemies. Whatever the motivations of these monsters are, as long as their ships and aircrafts move and throw bombs the fatter they grow.

In reality, the “cold war” is permanently continued. This is not a choice the socialist countries made, but it was the choice from and the need for the imperialists after the second world war. Today also, the imperialists need the occupations, the coup’s and the international provocations.


Particularly Iraq, Libya, Iran with their “problems with the Kurds” and the Middle East with the problems with Syria, Jemen and Palestine still are a melting pot of problems for the imperialists. The reality of the new worldordes is seen even more clear by the peoples in the Midde East. From thes point of view, the measures to be taken in this region must be even stronger than in the rest of the world. It is therefore that. the Middle East for a long time is a declared target for the imperialists.

Besides these general things, it is without doubt that Iran is also a target because of other recent/ecomomical reasons. The foundations of the Mullah-regime in Iran, which represents repression, exploitation and terror in the country, is also antiximperialists. This antiximperialist attitudð is presented to the people to be able to maintain ist power. The regime reject imperialism and especially the USA, which it calls the devil. It refuses to play an open rdole in ist scenario’s. Another ground for the embargo is cooperation between Russia and Iran in relation with oil and nuclear weapons. With the embargo and the resulting artificial crisis, the USA wants to block the other imperialist countries who stretch their hands to the Midde East.

Another reason for this crisis are the soon coming elections in the USA. The politicians want to daw the attention to the foreign policy, to collect points before the final victory. In short: the blood and the fate of the people in the Middle East is used as a tool for the elections in the USA.

How far can the USA stir up the crisis? Is there going to be another. Gulfwar?

It seems that this time they have poblems to accomplish their pans. Because of a lack of support, the embargo of the imperialists does not work perfect. Beside of that, the lies about the Gulf-war are still present in the heads of the people. Therefore it will not be possible to win the public opinion like during the times of the war against Iraq. No matter how the crisis will develop, the imperialists aim at putting fear in the heads of the people all over the world. Therefore they arm themselves to continue the politics of tyranny.

NO AGAINST THE EMBARGO Down with the imperialist’s embargo!

The Turkish Oligarch, who mixed up during the times of the Gulf-crisis-and aslo with the decision of the Embargo against Iraq – as a result of thes, beared heavy economical losscs.

Although Turkey’s oligarchy is heavily depending on economical relations with Iran – a short while ago Turkey and Iran made an agreement about natural gas – and although the Turkish oligarchy has nothing to gain from an embargo against Iran, it is without doubt that Turkey will play ist role for the benefit of imperialism.

The revolutionaries in Turkey anyhow, will say NO to this embargo, just like the people will.

It also must be said, that the decision for an embargo from the USA- imperialists against Iran is more than a problem between USA-imperialism and the mullah-regime in Iran.

As we can remember, the USA could carry out their attacks against Iraq easier because she managed, via the press, to mislead the world public opinion. Because of this attack, the revolutionaries and the patriots have an even bigger task. It is our duty ant task to show the real face of the embargo to our peoples ant to develop the anti-imperialist attitude in the heads of our peoples.

Those who supported the attack against Irak found out real fast they were confronted with lies of imperialism. These lies helped the imperialists to neutralise their attacks against the people and politicak organisations. To be against the Mullah-regime is something else than supporting the attacks of imperialism that are carried out all over the world. The Iranian revolutionaries will definitely be able to evaluate the crises to deepen the revolutionary situation. It is our task to be beside those who are attacked in times of an imperialist attack.

We are not neutral. This would mean to make the work of imperialism easier. We are those who represent the national dignity of our country and our peoples. We are not the oligarchy of Turkey. Our national dignity orders us to fight against imperialism side by side with all the peoples in the world.