Voices from the Inside

The voice in Buca is the voice of freedom, the voice of the resisting people, dignity and justice.

The voice in Buca is the voice of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party and Front.

Altan Berdan Kerimgiller, volunteer in the Death Fast:

…From my point of view I got to know the struggle even better during the time in prison. In my own practice I experienced how the movement transformed the prisons into schools of the revolution, to create the new men in prison, to get to know the struggle. I think especially the unity with our Party-Front is deepened in the time of the hunger strike till death. I feel like a part of it. As a part of it, I think – just as my comrades -, that it is my task to remove the hindrances in front of the revolution. I am convinced I will fulfil this task. When I volunteered for the hunger strike till death, I didn’t hesitate for one moment, I did not feel any worries. My only worry was that I was not allowed to take part in the hunger strike till death. I think we will show once again the determination of a member of the Party-Front with the victory we will achieve in the hunger strike till death. Just like our martyrs have shown. Also in my case, the ability is shown of the Party-Front to make men into new men who will once again proof the strength of the ideology and the will of the Party-Front. These were my thoughts and feelings when I volunteered for the hunger strike till death.

Ilginc Ozkeskin, volunteer in the Death Fast:

…In the phase of Devrimci Sol, as well as in the phase of the Party-Front, we have always proven the correctness of our policy in practice. Our courage and our determination in materialising our policy had a mission as a avant-garde, not just in Turkey, but even world-wide. In this sense, I’m convinced we will be victorious.


Yemliha Kaya, volunteer in the Death Fast:

…I see our resistance as a strong weapon for the revolution. Because our resistance has already created a public opinion which has to be taken seriously, in our country, as well as abroad, and it mobilised our peoples for the struggle. It’s not sufficient yet, but serious steps have been taken. I’m convinced, the resistance of the hunger strike till death will advance the struggle for the revolution. With this conviction I’m prepared to sacrifice myself. I consider this a duty towards our peoples. I want to say once more, I’m ready for this task.



Hayati Can: “Ali Ayata and I will be the first to fall.”




Aygun Ugur:“We revolutionaries know how to enjoy life, but we know how to die too, if necessary.”




Ali Ayata:“I know I should do all I can to stay alive. And although I try to stay alive, you should know that this resistance is not a short term one. Victory will not be achieved so quickly. You can not expect a quick victory against the fascist state. With such an attitude you can not grasp the essence of the fascist state. The hunger strike till death will continue for a long time. The victory will be achieved though martyrs. It’s important to know this from the beginning.”

Speech at the ceremony for Altan Berdan who fell in the Death Fast:

Comrades, Our march to victory is pacing up. Today, on the 65. day of our resistance we have given the first martyr of the Free Prisoners. Berdan is the first martyr of the Free Prisoners, the second martyr of the Resistance. Today we are even stronger, more determined. When we took this way, we knew we would achieve victory with our martyrs. We will continue this way with the martyrs. We will not hesitate, we are even more determined in stead. Our anger against the enemy is growing. We are convinced, victory is ours.

Speech at the ceremony for Yemliha Kaya who fell in Death Fast:

Comrades, This morning, at 9.32 o’clock, Yemliha became immortal falling in the struggle against the enemy of our Party-Front, in the struggle which he waged cell by cell. His place will be taken by hundreds, by thousands from the ranks of our people. These thousands will be the bullets who will end the oppression by the enemy.

Speech at the ceremony for Ilginc Ozkeskin, who fell in the hunger strike till death:

Comrades, Yesterday, our comrade Berdan fell. He has become the seed for a free homeland. Today he was followed by our second martyr, comrade Ilginc. Yesterday, only we knew our comrade Ilginc, but now he is known by the whole people of Turkey. He has defeated death with dignity. We will remember him with respect.

Victory or death!

We swear, we will carry the flag they raised until victory!

Already now victory belongs to us and our peoples, together with you!