Farewell words from Death Fast Resisters

Mujdat Yanat
To my party:


With all the warmth of the hunger strike till death and its enthusiasm, convinced of victory, greetings to my party and secretary-general D. Karatas.

I thank you with all my hearth for your approval of my participation in the hunger strike till death. It’s a honour for me to participate. I will show worthy and will not shame your trust. It’s very important for a revolutionary to be able to carry the flag in such a historic hunger strike till death. Hunger strike till death means being born again. The hunger strike till death is a very important step in the development of the party, in the development of being a member of the party.
Until today, despite all the mistakes and petite bourgeois attitudes, it has been the party which has kept me, led me, and kept me upright. My party means everything to me; it’s my life, my feelings. Now it’s my task to give back what I owe. I will do it, the efforts of the party will not be in vain.
In this moment there is not much more to say. Now it’s the time to put words into practice. Once more, convinced of victory and with enthusiasm and warmth I greet my party and my secretary-general Dursun Karatas.
Revolutionary greetings,

Mujdat Yanat
July 6, 1996


Ayce Idil Erkmen

To my party and my comrades,
Today, the day our resistance is transformed into the hunger strike till death, a new height is reached. It’s beautiful to be among my comrades who form the group of those who participate in the hunger strike till death. I really don’t know how I should express my feelings right now. I’m very happy, being part of the group of the hunger strike till death. We never allowed that the enemy forces the revolutionary prisoners and the working people to surrender, and we won’t allow it now.
When I decided to participate in the hunger strike till death, I had to think of our women like Sibel and Adalet. I won’t be able to fire a bullet at the enemy like them. But I know, our victory will be like a bullet, exploding in their brains. We will honour the trust our old mothers, beaten and dragged across the ground, our working people, our comrades and our party have put in us. Enthusiastic with our resistance and our victory, I greet all comrades who resist and our mothers.
Long live our resistance of the hunger strike till death!
Long live our secretary general Dursun Karatas!
Long live the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party and Front!

Ayce Idil Erkmen


Huseyin Demircioglu
Bury me on the party-cemetery. Every spring I want to be part of the struggle there. I want to greet the revolution there with our flag, with shots, with slogans that echo in the sky and against the soil. Until the workers in the factories, the workers covered in sweat come to power by delivering deadly blows to fascism and exploiting capitalism…





Ilginc Ozkeskin
Celebration speech for the Death Fast
Today we are aware of the attacks by the enemy. We are aware that these attacks are not only directed against us, they are directed against all the people. To beat back these attacks against the people, we took, I took tasks upon me , like on the outside. All of us took tasks upon us in this resistance. All of us participated in this resistance. We take the strength from our tradition, from our secretary-general who created this tradition, from our history and form our people. Like the other comrades I am convinced we will reach victory. To achieve this victory, I will fall too, like my comrades.

Long live our secretary-general Dursun Karatas!
Long live the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party and Front!