The speaker on the TV panel says, “Fascism “, he says “Inhumane” he talks about the tortures, the massacres of the fascists. Infact these are phrases that they do not like using at all. The view that followed was the lengthy showing of the fascist occupation, the gas chambers and the crematorium changes. The leaders of the imperialist, neo-classical countries, one by one, or as a group come on to the panel, whilst the speaker says that they are, “celebrating their 50th year of victory against fascism” the words continue.

Those responsible for fascism in the world in the 1990’s, those leaders are celebrating the victory over fascism. It is a historical black comedy or a historical tragedy. The leaders behaving like honourable commanders. Meanwhile they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the defeat over fascism. They have no doubts, that the country they are supporting or running has a fascist regime which is bringing about new tortures, new massacres, that they are adding new ones to the inhumanity, barbarism and crimes of fascism. The celebration ceremony took place in Moscow. The place had been correctly chosen. It could have been Moscow or Stalingrad, it would have been deserving. Hitler’s Fascism had been brought to it’s knees here. Whilst those “sacrificed” by fascism were being remembered the faces of the leaders looked as though they were sharing that pain. They had to be sharing that pain. They had rehearsed their roles very well. Obviously everything had to be flawless at this display. For at that moment this scene was infront of the eyes of all the peoples of the world and the game that was being played was important.
Fascism meant Hitler and he had died and gone. That trouble called fascism no longer existed in the world. Who was Hitler defending?That “trouble” called fascism, who was behind it? Did everything, come about from the “measurement” of one man’s mental problems? Was only “one maniac” responsible for the death of 50 million people, for the burning and ruining of tens of countries? The world should not ask these questions. Who is fascist, who is anti-fascist, who are the real ones “sacrificed” by fascism, who are actually responsible, all these should not get mixed up with each other. Very well Who is Clinton, Who is Kohl, Who is Major, Who is Ciller? They are representatives of the monopolist boogies. The fascism which they condemn and celebrate the defeat of, is the principal product of their own class. The monopolist bourgeois are not against fascism being oppressive and against the terror regime of their ruling class, they have never been. It was not because of being anti-fascist that America, Britain, France and other imperialists oppressed the imperialist Hitler’s Germany. They became very frightened when they saw that Hitler’s fascism was being destroyed by the Soviet Union. The imperialist’s interests, the market and their exploitative system as a whole could have been destroyed. Through this fear they became opposed to Hitler’s fascism. It was the people and in front of them the communists, who fought a fight of national honour against Hitler’s fascism and the occupations of fascism. They were the real patriots who resisted against fascism for independence and freedom.
During the 7 years thus the fascist occupation burned away Europe, the ruling class paid no price except for the limitations on their exploitation and market shares. It was the workers, the patriots, the intellectuals and the communists who paid the price of fighting against fascism, by being tortured, in the dungeons, the concentration camps and by dying in the war fronts. The “death invoice” of the 2nd World War is approximately 50 million. We are giving the statistics in accordance to country as follows: USA 298,000; UK 347,000; Greece 413,000; France 583,000; Yugoslavia 1.1 million; China 4.3 million; Poland 5.5 million; and the Soviet Union 24 million. (Fascism also brought about the death of millions of its “own” people, the statistical breakdown of this is: Germany 4.3 million, Japan 2.8 million, Italy 395,000.)
Yes, only the Soviet Union gave 24 million martyrs from it’s citizens in their resistance against fascism. The reason being it was only the Socialist Soviet Union who as a state resisted with it’s army, it’s people and everything against fascism. The attacks against Hitler’s fascism occurred all over Europe from top to bottom, but it was only stopped on Soviet territory, at Stalingrad and Moscow. The Soviet workers and the Red Army had resisted from district to district, from street to street against fascism. It was the Red Army who charred the occupiers and in its true meaning defeated Hitler’s fascism. It’s 24 million martyrs are the architects of the national independence of the majority of the people of the world and of one section’s national and class liberation. It is the communists who were the leaders of the resistance against fascism in Europe. The Partisan’s, of France, Yugoslavia and Greece are honoured by the world’s people in this war. It was the widespread acts of communists that mainly caused the petit-bourgeois intellectuals to participate in the war. In the imperialist countries and in the exploited countries, the people everywhere have taken responsibility for the communists as their national honour, they have taken part in the resistance under their leadership.
The communists have turned the cities of their country, and on many occasions their mountains, into castles of resistance with their sabotage and attacks they have always made fascism live in fear of the strength of the occupation. The concentration camps were also turned into national symbols through the resistance that were led by the communists. History does not forget. Yesterday the leaders and some of the governments of the imperialist countries who celebrate “victory” today, watched fascism go through one end to the other end of their countries without even firing a single shot, some of them absconded leaving behind their people and army, some of them made an agreement with Hitler and remained, infact it was due to such people that Hitler was able to so easily achieve victory in Europe at the start. Leaving aside this past, no leader of an imperialist country, no representative of oligarchal rule has a right to celebrate victory over Hitler’s fascism. Heads of state had come here for this reason, the bourgeois camera show staged for this purpose. In short this very top level celebration ceremony without a doubt was an organised attempt to infect the peoples conscience.
Was the play that was displayed successful? For a period, a very short period of time maybe “yes”. However, for tomorrow “no”. The reason being that after the display, where they all made speeches against fascism, they will all be left standing infront of the public as persons responsible for the oppression and terror in their own country. Also, because history is for more powerful than any organised spectacular ceremony.
History Is a Witness, That History is Ours. The leaders of the fight against fascism have defined fascism as being, “the most reactionary, most chauvinist, most oppressive dictatorship of the monopolist bourgeois”. This is a definition which correctly describes all past and present fascist regimes of the world.
Hitler’s fascism. Whilst in the world of the 1990’s the people are being drenched in blood and tears and whilst exploitation and destruction continues. Those of the like of Yeltsin who give away to imperialism the values created by Soviet workers have no right to celebrate the victory. Today, this victory only belongs to the anti-imperialist people of the world and only to the communists, to the revolutionaries. And their greatest celebration and biggest show is not only Hitler, not only Mussolini, but a period in the world when all the Hitlers,, all the Mussolinis and all the fascist regimes are buried in history.

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