The collaborators of imperialism, the fascist army, is in Northern Iraq once again. This time it is viewed as the “largest offensive in history”, and the offensive by the special units and the village guards, supported by the collaborating forces of Barzani, is still going now. The fascist state tries to strangle Northern Iraq with this operation. With mobilising the major part of the military forces against the guerrillas, they try to break the ties between the people and the guerrilla. The fascist regime is unable to find another solution against the Kurdish people, they are only able to shed blood. All bourgeois parties and all segments of the ruling classes are part of this crime, they belong to the designers of this offensive. It is their aim to continue their exploitative and cruel order, to continue their oppression and intimidation. To achieve this, they will try everything, from massacres to disappearances, from torture to famine. The attack in Kurdistan is part of this. This is not the first time. The fascist regime has started many offensives of this kind in the past. And every time they were forced to use more forces, to mobilise more soldiers. But they were unable to achieve successes, they were unable to defeat the resistance and the anger of the people. Neither Zionism in the Middle East, nor the open support by US-imperialism will achieve this. The people have the strength to defeat imperialism, fascism and Zionism. These acts by the fascist state will be unsuccessful as well. The offensives in the past were given names like “Operation Hammer” and Offensive Sledge-hammer”. This time they call it “Offensive Lance”. These offensives and these massacres can only be ended by bringing down the Mafia contra-guerrilla state, this murder machine. The Kurdish and the Turkish people will turn this lance against the fascist state.

This time they will fail again!

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