Human Right: The American way

America and Human rights, these words have been used next to each other frequently in recent times. Turkey is also mentioned, especially in the European capitals, in connection with human rights. But these notions, used for the USA and Turkey, are used in a different way. Turkey is always presented as the country which abuses the human rights, while the USA is the country which defends the human rights. The first assertion is correct, but what about the second?…

The bringing together of human rights and the USA is connected with the role the USA sees for it selves in the New World Order. The USA sees itself as the policeman of the world in this New Order who protects the human rights and democracy in the whole world. Indeed they totally destroyed Iraq to protect democracy; they support all fascist regimes with weapons; yet they call upon all neo-colonial countries again and again, Turkey included, to put an end to the violation of human rights.

Of course there is a prior history to this image of the USA. Especially in the time when the socialist countries got together in one socialist block, imperialism initiated numerous attacks against socialism. One of these attacks consisted of presenting the socialist countries as the countries “behind the Iron Curtain”. And they presented themselves as the “Free World”. This demagogy left its traces, especially in the petit-bourgeois countries.


America in the media.

The Fatherland of the “Free World” is the country where freedom can be fully enjoyed because hunger, poverty, and homelessness are not even mentioned, because repression and torture are forgotten…

It’s a welfare state. That’s the brief presentation of the USA in the media monopolies. These monopolies, under constant control of imperialism, every day and night show in their movies, news and other programmes how democratic the USA are. Although undesired acts occur once in a while, that doesn’t change the fact that this state is very loyal to the laws and democracy. There is even a ideological explanation for these unwanted acts: humans are sometimes evil. However, the system can not be made responsible for this. The system is presented as the gateway to freedom. And once in a while there are people for whom these freedoms are too much, and who thus abuse these freedoms. Therefore intervention against these people is justified. These cases are not even judged in the framework of human rights or justice. So these people receive the necessary answer. Because nobody has the right to disturb the land of freedom.


That’s the outside, how does the inside look like?

Let’s look at the inside of this land of freedom. Let’s see to what extent a human being in America is a human being with rights. We will not go into the crimes of American imperialism which it committed outside its borders. We will not go into the coups, the juntas, and the attacks, reaching from Viet Nam to Iraq, and from Chile to Ruanda, and we will not go into the massacres with their estimated tens of thousands of victims. We will only look at the inside of the country which is always presented on television as “the land of the unlimited possibilities and freedoms”.

We want to say one thing beforehand: America is a country of atrocities as we can witness in just a few countries. Capitalism in America is cruel, like in no other country. The representatives of the system in America denies its people the rights and freedoms as in no other imperialist country. To recognize this, it is sufficient to have a look at the standards which are recognized almost all over the world and its effects on the USA. For example, the capitalists in Europe give their people at least a part of what they got from their people and their colonies, as hush-money. This is a general characteristic of imperialism. This is the reason why they achieved certain standards in social security, in education and in public health care in the past years, although they deteriorated more and more. (Surely they are on the lowest level, when not in comparison with the capitalist countries, then in comparison to the socialist states.) In this field the USA are without doubt worst off. In support of social security the USA are, according to one statistic, even worse off than f.e. Denmark or Estonia.

However, in the intake of taxes, i.e. the legal exploitation of the workers, the USA are better off than the European countries, in this respect they are in front.

Another statistic is the one about the distribution of income, i.e. the gap between the poor and the rich. According to this statistic, the disparity of income is highest in countries like England, Switzerland and Norway, which are presented as welfare states because of their economical policies since 1980. These countries are directly followed by the USA.


Starving, unemployed, homeless people!…

However, there are other sides which show the brutal face of capitalism in the USA and the tragical situation of the rights of these people even more clearly. Nowadays more than 30 million people depend for their food on shelters for the homeless. Yes, 30 million people go hungry. These people don’t have jobs, have no income. A large part of these 30 million people also have no shelter, no roof above their heads. There is no right to housing for these people. This number also hides another side of American society.

In this homelessness, this unemployment, and this hunger, in short in this misery, blacks take the first place.

According to the social statistics, there is misery in the metropoles which contain almost two thirds of the economy and the finances of the whole world. According to a survey from UNICEF with the title “Health care, education, food, housing and the availability of clean water”, the USA, presented as the “Free World”, are in last place. China, Cuba and the countries which still show the traces of the old socialist system, and about whom a lot a bad stories are spread, are best off in this field. The USA, on the contrary, are even worse off in regard to these points as the neglected countries in Africa.

What use are human rights anyway, it’s a country which makes itself the commander-in-chief of the world by slaughtering people.

It’s useful to mention a number at this stage. The USA alone have 22,8% of the world capital to their disposal. One has to put together the capital of Germany, England, France, Italy and Russia together to reach this amount. According to a statistic, made last year, of the 500 biggest companies in the world, 151 are American and 149 are Japanese. And although Germany is in third place, there is still a giant gap between them and the USA. Because only 44 companies are German. To give a general number; this gang of robbers, called G-7, has 62,2 % of the world capital in its hands. A large part of the capital in the USA comes from the arms traffic. This allows the following conclusion. Those who govern the USA, are the biggest arms dealers in the world. In short, those who play up as the representatives of human rights are nothing else but those who make their money by slaughtering the people in the world.

The American world is merciless and brutal to such an extent and created such a culture, that its beliefs and its culture are based on money. In the American world lack of money equals death. A man without money, friendships included, has virtually no rights. Culture and ideology are orientated to that. There exists a deep gap between the petit-bourgeois, representing the classical structure of American society, and the lower classes in this regard.

Nowadays the USA are the country were corruption is most widespread of 13 countries. Corruption was institutionalized in different variations and various situations. The way somebody is treated in a American institution, depends on the prestige. One’s prestige is, of course, measured by one’s money. The bureaucracy works for these citizens.

Of course, these facts are not new to us. Because they describe our own country in a way. But the contradiction is, that such a country declares itself to be the representative of the human rights and justice and this is accepted by many.

Every 45 minutes, one rape

Every half our, one murder

Every year: 50 executions

The examples which constitute America are especially the crime rates. Once every 45 minutes a woman is raped in the USA. The American system is not a system in which a man is made man by his rights, he is made a man by being made depraved. According to the official statistics alone, there are 300.000 prostitutes in the USA under the age of 18. In the commercialization of children for pornography and prostitution, the USA rank first, without any competition.

It’s the country with the most crimes and murders. Because the system constantly produces “psychopathic murderers”.

Housing, health care, social security. Although these notions are connected to human rights, notions like torture, abuse and executions come to mind first. And also in this field the USA have bad marks.

For example: the USA has had the highest number of executions in the past 29 years, 43. From 1976 until now, exactly 300 people were executed in different ways. The number of people who await execution in death-row is about 100. In the USA, people who are sentenced to death wait 10-12 years for their execution. Recently the American authorities declared that this term is going to be shortened and the executions are being accelerated. Because, in the end, they are very sensitive when it comes to human rights…

In the prison institutions of the USA they have the individual cell system as principle. In Turkey a official tried for many years to introduce the American prison system also, in the name of human rights. The exploitation of workers by forced labour, a arbitrary system, the introduction of drugs, presentation of the prisoners to the public as “psychopaths”… That’s the American prison system in brief.

With regards to torture and abuse, the laws in the USA are outright ignored. Maybe the expression of barbaric rule would be more appropriate. Laws concerning the police, the rights of individuals and his freedoms, are rapidly growing in number. The police units, especially the terror organization, called FBI, are growing bigger and bigger. Clinton has put almost 10 bills to the Senat in this field, asking for approval. The foundation is thereby laid for the bombardments and mass murders who always show the signs of the CIA or FBI, or which are perpetrated with their intentional support. These interventions are done, like in our country, under the name of the “Anti-Terror law”. In the USA, however, the notion of security is even more important than the legal institutions. The same notion which totally destroyed Iraq in the name of democracy and freedom, justifies terror in the own land. Everybody has witnessed how, in American TV-series, the police immediately reads the rights to the arrested etc… But in the same series we witness the heroic cops who know no rights. These are the real representatives of the American police system. These enemies of the people, these scum, are the real elements of this mechanism. And this is being justified. Comparable to the generals in our country who state that democracy binds them at hand sand feet, they also put up a theory there: human rights are supposed to hinder the persecution of crime. This is legitimised within the policeforce and in front of the public. It’s obvious that there remains little room for human rights in this police system in the USA. The American police slaughters 3-5 people on the street almost every month. This is shown live to the public by television.

This process, presented as if it is directed against a few “psychopathic killer”, shows in reality clearly the curtail of rights of the American society. These rights are assigned to the classical American family. For the rest, other standards apply.

The destroyed people: the Indians

The people without rights: the Blacks

The people with rights: the Whites

Everybody knows about the genocidal mass murder of the Americans against the Indians. American society, which has no historical basis for a race, did not take long to exterminate the Indians, to take their land, and to draw up a racist ideology. After the Indians were exterminated, this ideology was applied to the Blacks. A similar demagogy as is used by the oligarchy in Turkey in the destruction of the Kurdish identity and the slaughtering of the Kurdish people, is used in the USA: they try to conceal racism and discrimination against Blacks towards world opinion, as well as the public opinion in their own land, by using demagogy like: “Look, Blacks can become generals, they can even run for President”. Presently, the Blacks constitute 12% of the American population. However, the percentage of Blacks is highest in the negative statistics. Another remarkable figure: one in every four Blacks is in detention or in jail. Many of those who are not incarcerated, are homeless, unemployed and “potential criminals”.

These facts explain why the heaviest resistance and the big mass movements in the USA were developed by the Black citizens of the USA. The American system has largely successfully executed the alienation of the Black population. However, the Black population still constitutes an important opposition. The participation of almost one million people in a demonstration, recently organized by Blacks, is the best proof. The motto of this demonstration, “Settlement Day” poses another important side of this demonstration. The basic demand of the Blacks, who contribute 300 billion dollars to the US income, and are treated as second-class citizens as a reward, was for their confiscated rights.

The rebellion in Los Angeles, after the murder of a Black youth after his arrest by the police, shows the dimension of the reactions of the Black population against repression and discrimination.


They are holier than the pope

The USA who possess such dual ethics that they finance civil organizations outside the government, the NGO’s and other human rights organizations, when we leave our view besides, are enemies of the people, even when compared to other capitalist-imperialist countries. The money they get from exploiting the people in the world are not even used for paying hush-money to the own people, on the contrary; they finance the repression and exploitation in their own country. The USA is the state where this brutality of capitalism is most striking.

The resistance against these repressions are attacked in a merciless way and manner and they know no laws or principles in these interventions. The communists in this country were almost kept under repression during the entire century, they were not allowed jobs in the administration, they are constantly under surveillance. The resistance of the workers was oppressed by police terror and the supporting of scabs. The USA are a country were the breaking of strikes and Mafiazation are institutionalized.

This list is hardly complete, but at this stage we should ask how a country which leads in violating human rights in the most serious way, can declare itself to be the defender of human rights and champion in this field. The monopolies in the imperialist media certainly play a major role. But more important and more effective than the media in this regard are firstly the collaborators with the USA, and secondly, those who accept the New World Order of the USA to prepare for a cooperation with it in the framework of their rules. They are even “holier than the pope” in transmitting above mentioned mission to US-imperialism.

It is them who make the success of this image-operation possible, which the USA never could have done on their own.

In the list which we tried to show there are nowadays human rights organizations who accept financial support by the USA. While the USA tries to shape the future of the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq into a system which is dependent on them, and deliver the bombs and bullets for the massacres of the oligarchy in Turkey, there are some who attribute a major role to the USA in dealing with the Kurdish question.

The above mentioned figures and statistics can be found without any problem in books and magazines. Certainly these are facts, facts which are also known to them who accept the playing-up of the USA as the defender of human rights, and who prefer to remain silent.

Another fact, also known to everybody: There are two ways to defend the human rights and the freedom of the people in the world; the first way is the struggle against imperialism. This is a difficult and arduous way. The second way is compromising with the governing collaborators and imperialism itself, and being socialist, being nationalist, and being representative of the human rights to the extent as is allowed by imperialism. In that case it is possible to gain the praise, the interest, and the support of imperialism.

Why do European and American imperialists, when they visit our country, not look for one of the many other organisations who work on the field of defending the human rights, why do they look, and immediately find the representatives of the IHD. The answer lies in the fact that the IHD defends the human rights on the basis of the same standards. These are standards who are not based on the legitimate rights of the people, they are based on the rights which are curtailed by imperialism.

This is the USA, this is reality in the USA. Those who, despite of this reality, still see a side of human rights in American imperialism, are at least as guilty as the USA themselves.

As it is always the case in history, the people suffer in this respect from those who are “holier than the pope”.