Revolutionary education in the present situation in Turkey

Nowadays, in Turkey, all the different kind of minorities, are searching for new way’s to survive and to maintain their dignity against the escalating state-repression in Turkey against the different minorities. However they do not reckon the problems needed for the future, when the class-struggle is rising. When this happens, the people will attack the system which is against them. Right now, the people recognise the problem, talk about it and analyse it. One the one hand this is good because it creates a greater class- consciousness, on the other hand however right now there are no concrete development which fulfils the practical needs of the people.

As an example we will look at the events in Elbistan.

At June 4, thousands of inhabitants of Elbistan stormed the policestation as a reaction on the arrest and rape of two women by the local police. In Turkey a lot of fascist islamic forces are inside the government and state-forces. Especial the armed forces of the state – police and army – are soaked with islamic fascists. In Turkey, despite the repression, the people back their government. This because of the State demagogic about the Islam and the “happiness to be a Turk.” However, when the fascists forces start to attack the dignity of the people, the people will rise up against the state and its forces. In these moments of resistance the people are united, no matter what their religion or political stands are. They share their outrage and act together. This means that the state is cracking and loosing its ideological support. This is a developing process we see in Turkey and which can not be stopped anymore. These fascist islamic forces inside the police, army and secret service also have conflicts among themselves. These conflicts also will escalate and turn into clashes.

In the mean time, the people no longer trust the state and its justice. Facing the repression and the fascists state-justice, they start to demand real justice, the justice that serves the people, peoples justice. The period we are living in, changes the ideas of the people in Turkey. Rights now, the classes become more clear and the people start to resist. They stop saying that they don’t care or don’t know. They start to act and do something. These changes also affect the opportunist left-wing groups in Turkey. Even they want to do something. They have to see that we reached this fase after a long period of fighting and losses in the classwar. They did not understand this war and they will not understand the revolutionary needs for the future. However, our main problem lies within ourselves. We have to leave them alone and return to ourselves.

We have to see clearly that nowadays the revolutionary potential in the masses is growing. But right now, we can not use this potential and we cannot organise the people and the working class and the minorities. That’s why a lot of people who want to fight fascism, are not able to do so. As a result, the people show their reaction in a wrong way or seek other ways to survive and they turn to fascist or islamic organisations. This again creates conflicts which we have to solve.

It are the people who will make the revolution. That’s why we have to approach all the people with their different backgrounds, classes, minorities and ideas. We will have to explain to all these people that this system is a fascist system. We have to open their eyes so they can see what is wrong with it.

For a long time, the left-wing in Turkey made false analyses about the people in Turkey. They claimed only one revolutionary class, denying the rest of the masses.

For us, people who have a conflict with imperialism and fascism, independent of their background, layer or minority have to unite. We have to collect the power and are the people who are the power we aim at. We can not explain the peoples reality only with words like working class and villagers-class etc. We have to spread the reality over many more layers and we have to create one big class out of all this layers against fascism and imperialism. This big class is developing now, without any organisation. If this class can not be established and organised, fascism can attack us because they also learn from their mistakes. They will destroy this class by using even more violence and terror.

How do we have to fulfil this mission? First we have to succeed in establishing this one big class. We have to do this, the alternative is failure. Our main problem are the lack of cadres who understand the situation as it is and create a solution to this situation and go the people with this solution and teach them. If we can not create a solution for this problem we can not achieve the final victory. The cadres are the tools for the revolution. The enemy also is very aware of this as well. That’s why they are always looking for the killing of our cadres. Once we have solved our problems, the oligarchy cannot stop our final victory, the only thing they can achieve is postponing it. Now we have a big and dynamic basis, so the loss of cadres is not our biggest problem: Hundreds, thousands of young men and women want to fight for the revolution. They are brave and want revenge, they want to take part in the struggle. The problem is their lack of experience and education in fighting. That is why, it sometimes appears that the enemy is gaining. It is very difficult to fight with these new cadres because the war is evolving and getting more complicated every day. The education in our organisation at this moment is very static and abstract. We have to change this according the needs of the revolution. Our cadres have to watch their region and they have to think about what they can do, what kind of people they can use to do this and what kind of tools are needed. They have to bring our policy to the people, they have to fight and they have to draw the people in this fight. Education has to be present at every point of our lives and it must never stop. Otherwise we start to make mistakes and invite the enemy to destroy us. Right now, thousands of people, everywhere in the country need education. Education should go on under legale or illegal conditions, in the mountains, the cities, the slumps, factories, etc. etc. Everywhere where our people are living and working we must educate them. if the circumstances do not fit, we have to change them. If the cadres don’t do this, they do not understand the policy of the party/front.

With these “party-schools” we have to create new cadres, responsibles and fighters. The claim of the party and the cadres on the revolution can only become true when the party and the cadres go through these problems. Right now, very young people learn how to fight behind barricades on the streets. But these party-schools give them a party-identity. If we go to the people and we do what we can than every house will become a party-school. Every house in the mountains, every shelter, every cave, even parts of the land, should be our party school. Our base is human. There are tens of thousands of people who want to fight. That’s why we can manage to create these party- schools everywhere in the country. It does not matter when, where and for how many people, these schools must be created.

We have to create more cadres and spread these schools all over the country. If we understand the real situation and the real needs of the people in Turkey than our creativity and energy will rise ten times more. When we are teaching we also have to learn. For doing both we have to work hard. Even if the subject that’s being studied is very simple, we have to approach it very serious. For every region, area and unit we have to create a realistic educational program. Education must not be abstract and literary. Everybody has to understand it easily. If the people don’t understand it means we don’t explain it good enough. Then we have to learn how we can explain it better. We need good teachers for teaching our cadres. The education for cadres, the organising the people and the continuation of the struggle has to go together. During the teaching of the cadres, the teachers have to learn about the way’s the cadres fight. We have to be interested in all the economical, political, social, democratic, etc. etc. problems of the people. We have to show them the way how they can solve their problems on these party-schools. We have to teach them the aims of the party/front. Before starting to teach we have to make good analysis about what kind of conflicts the people have with the system, what kind of education the have, the conflicts between the different layers, the historical and social backgrounds of the people. Today there is enough potential in some area’s for education. We just have to find out what, how and where to start these party-schools. Right now, in Turkey, the educational system, owned by the bourgeoisie tries to let the people forget their own social and cultural backgrounds. We have to break this with our party- schools. Than our party-schools will be an endless source of cadres. If we let the people join the war than the state can not destroy the party because the party is inside the community. If we go to the people and work real hard on the solution of their problems than they will give us everything. We have to increase our revolutionary claims. We can’t afford pessimism and mistrust in the people and the revolution. We must be able to bring our ideas to the people, no matter the circumstances. We have to reorganise our education program, agitation, propaganda and tactics according the latest circumstances. We have to catch up with the latest developments: Everything is changing very fast. Everything can be developed according our will.