After having arranged the collapse of the socialist system (which had been rotting and breaking up for over 10 years) through conspiracy, new conflicts arose between imperialism and the new exploited countries, which had supposedly gained their independence and again with these countries at regional level and with the other collaborating imperialist countries.

Prior to the collapse of the socialist system competition and a fight within the market existed amongst the imperialist in relation to the new exploitation’s. As well as this continuing amongst these countries, today the main competition and fight for control exists in the areas of untouched virgin lands of the countries that have broken away from the socialist countries and are now open in the market. The hungry eyed imperialist are doing everything to compete and to fight in these areas.

The imperialist in order to control these areas are foremost encouraging nationalism in order to create a bourgeoisie which will develop dependent from the start and on this basis by creating regional war on the one hand whilst ensuring that the bourgeoisie take responsibility for their own class consequence, on the other hand they are making the people fight amongst each other getting rid of their financial health, therefore making them economically and practically dependent upon imperialist thus securing their own rule.

Today the wars that are taking place in such places as Russia have come about through the provocation of the imperialist, is it directed at securing the rule of the bourgeoisie and dividing in order to be able to exploit easier. Attempts are still being made to wipe out any dynamics that may still exist in the old socialist system and to prevent any form of socialist development that might be created, the intention is for the bourgeoisie to rapidly reorganise and for the imperialist market economy to be formed. The war in the Balkans should be looked at within this context. The imperialist are either directly or through collaborators continuing the war economically and politically in this region. In the countries where the war are continuing imperialism is supporting the development of the bourgeoisie in every way, whilst trying to settle the capitalist market economy the people who have hoped to fined a more comfortable life have had to face the vast poverty that has been bought about by the imperialist market economy and the politics of war. They have formed themselves in the midst of an unexpected poverty scene in which all cultural values and morals has been lost. It would not be incorrect to say that the people who had lived through real socialism, having now been shown capitalism, as an alternative and having been left face to face with the barbarism of capitalism, that even if it was wrong and even if had carried within it a serious of negativness the people have started to reevaluate socialism and to search for it. Within this search for it has deepened the conflict between the developing bourgeoisie, businessman the intermedia bureaucrats and the people.

Resulting from the search and pressure of the people the newly developed bourgeoisie of these countries who continue their collaboration with imperialism are trying to be more careful with their relationship with the imperialist and applying politics which will not show too much relation from the people.

At this point it is important to mention the conflicts that exist between the imperialist and the bourgeoisie of these countries. Dispite the imperialist wiping out the socialist system and aiming for new and bigger market areas, it has became clear that they do not have the finance to integrate the markets of these countries in a short period within the imperialist system. And they are unable to freely use the finance. The reason for the being that the capitalist system, dispite all the deficiencies of the socialist system, not been able to develop, been to unable to free from the economic depression. In addition to this the competition between the imperialist, which continues to the level of comparison both economically and politically. The fact that even their own market have became a market for the international monopoly the increasing economic crisis unemployment, the fall of social health and increasingly more right wing parties coming into power in this countries and the fact that they are not giving up the “social state” factor, that actually stems from the remaining of the socialism and which is being used in order to neutralize the people relations, are all amongst the reasons for this. Under these conditions, the regions which bring large prefits to imperialism with their war politics will take a while larger before they come under its hegemony.

We can see the impact that the deepening of crisis is having on the imperialist countries by the level of increasing employment, the rising inflation and resulting from this the masses moving towards the social democrat parties who are making numerous promises to the people and also in the mass actions that are taking place , although they are economically based. In the countries in which socialism has broken down, the masses have rapidly, at a rate unexpected even by imperialism, demanding rights, justice, equality, a better living standard, semi-consciously acting as opposition to the system, all this also in a show. Also it is interesting how various communist and socialist organisations in this countries, after getting over the initial shock, have reorganised and have started to act as leaders to the opposition of the people. The old revisionist parties who had taken part in the imperialist plot of the imperialism and those who collaborated with imperialism are forming parties called “socialist” in order to neutralise the peoples retaliation thus be able to move less painfully towards capitalism , they want to melt the left potential of the people within their own pots. Those parties are gaining strengthen in many countries. These parties aim to serve the imperialist, dispite their socialism, it is as a result of the peoples search for socialism that those parties are being supported. These false socialist cannot continue to fool the people for longer. Instead of the heaven that they promised the people they have given them hell. Without a doubt, either within these parties or outside of these parties there are organisations who will not collaborate with the imperialist, who are not with the revisionist, but are in genuine search of and the defender of socialism. It is certain that they will became influential.

After bringing about the collapse of the socialist system imperialism, depending upon the strength of the revisionist system started a national and social liberation struggle and has developed this. In fact various organisation who came to the aftermath of the revolution , were buried by influenced the demagogy ideology of the “New World Order”. They than spread the stopping of weapons by signing peace agreements with imperialism. However during the same period it was seen that there was no change in the objectiveness of imperialist through the barbaric attacks that were made by imperialism upon the collapsed socialist countries, the regional wars and against the organisation who had put down their weapons.

With the collapse of the socialist countries a huge reformist wind began which in one moment covered the whole world , along with the political attitude of imperialism in the Gulf crises, this had a big influence upon all the revolutionaries in the world and on the left organisations and the for people it was an important step in disclosing the falseness of the “New World Order” and peace. In the collapsed socialist countries the increased exploitation by capitalism which has brought about theft and mugging retaliation to this has brought about the danger of the organisations who have put down their weapons becoming non-existent. Imperialism’s politics of getting the people to kill each other, it’s politics of murdering and getting rid of movements and socialist still continuing unchanged, the increasing crises in imperialist and capitalist countries etc. such developments has served to show that the alternative to capitalism is socialism. The imperialist since the capitalist system has been in existence has shown that there is no alternative. Today, without doubt they have not been able to define this. Those who believe in Marxism-Leninism have not abandoned their ideas despite all the negativness and the collapse of the so called socialist system, which was actually the collapse of the revisionism. It was fore most the revisionist system and not the socialist system which collapsed. Marxist-Leninist knowing that socialism will be born within capitalism and that it will rise from its dust entered into this fight. With this understanding it is not possible for socialism to be formed and go on to communism from today to tomorrow without problems pains and ups and downs. Those who cannot see the ideological consolidation of hundreds of years the strength of the selfish culture cannot develop a country and a general world revolutionary politics against this selfish bourgeoisie culture which stands united with the imperialist strength even if small everyday the imperialist are making new gains, thus without narrowing the capitalist sphere, without hitting out at this enemy front the socialist system will not be able to have a long future against the attacks of the bourgeoisie ideology and imperialism.

This reformist waive which aimed to take all anti-imperialist and socialist forces under the rule of imperialism and to wipe them out has reshaped today. We are living in a period where national and social liberation is slowly coming out of the influence of imperialism and reformism and there is a development towards a new radical struggle. Imperialism by encouraging national politics and supporting them in some places, that is imperialism getting rid of politics of the national and social liberation movements and with the ideological, political- military bankruptcy in practice of the national politics of these movements today Marxist-Leninist thoughts and organising are developing again and this development will continue in a way that can not be obstructed.

It is assumed that imperialism has secured a hegemony all over the world but despite this it’s unable to move. Particularly the collapse of the revisionist system has strengthened their hegemony. The revisionist countries in accordance with the pragmatism they had developed with imperialism and with their own peace-balance politics were taking up the attitude of supporting or not supporting liberation movements.

In relation to their national politics. They did not show any concern in acting together with the imperialist against revolutionary movements who were spooling the balance between them and the imperialist in accordance with the development to serve their own national interest came first. The fact that socialism was formed on a revolutionary level, that despite the peace and balance politics with imperialism, the national and social forces, they developed politics within the balance politics of the imperialism and revisionist system and being able to capture the conditions of bringing socialism to existence was an advantage. Today, national, social liberation movements and those still resisting against imperialism, and various rulers that refuse to surrender are left in the open since they lost the revisionist system, which was a force that they were dependent upon for a short term, against imperialism. At the start this support which was a big advantage turned into a big disadvantage when that force was wiped out, it opened the path of surrendering to the imperialist. Revisionism were not able to, in it’s true meaning, develop revolutions or to form a lower and an upper base which would secure this based on an Marxism-Leninism and in accordance with the courses secures and dynamics which develop different depending on the conditions of each country. Particularly the Soviet as they thought of everything only in relation to their own center, thus when the Soviets collapsed it was not difficult for the other country systems connected to it to collapse also.

The Soviet revisionist and imperialist after having brought the down fall of the Soviets they pushed upon all Marxist-Leninist dishonour, self deniance and treachery. Those who did not except dishonour and treachery were going to be suppressed as part of the necessity of the big complore. The rule of Romania, as Cavucesku refused betrayal and defended his honour they murdered him and brought down the power. As for Cuba, Chine. Vietnam and North Korea the big complores that were organised were not successful, now these countries are under pressure. They are waiting for them to surrender or failing that new complores will be attempted.

Many countries who are not under the control of imperialism and do not want to be are on the one hand continuing to resist against surrender and on the other hand have applied surrender politics to continue on their feet so as at least the ropes will not be taken from their hands. When Saddam saw that the New World Order was a system which would wipe out their own rule he stood up against it under the name of the Arab peoples interest and using the national dynamics and depending upon the strength of the people to be able to organise a force against imperialism and thus hoping to be able to establish a force against imperialism politics of wiping them out. However, as a result of the divide, split and rule policy it has always applied imperialism squashed this uprising and to a great extent most of the rulers resistance force was wiped out. But, through the period of history that was lived all of the people, organisations, persons and even states that have to an extent been able to secure their anti-imperialist policy and putting a side all theoretic sellers of sides, it has not been shown that the peoples liberation will be secured by imperialism.

Saddam was not a Marxist-Leninist. In the long run he was a supporter of the bourgeoisie ideology, who did not genuinely believe in the power of the people, he had taken a stand upon the basis of Arab nationalism against imperialism which was not radical. As with enemy and every other power which does not believe in the people he could have done nothing but to submit when faced with a greater power, nothing but to find ways of collaborating. Those who are really anti-imperialist and who trust people, regain strength amongst the people and continue the uprising movement dispite temporary losses or their countries being under total occupation. This is a long fight. If one does not have this kind of belief one enter into the stage of collaborating with the bourgeoisie because, they act with the mentality of being saved with the least harm. This is exactly what imperialism wants to create. After entering into this path new collaborations will follow previous collaboration. Today, these countries are living through such a situation. In one sense imperialism has not only hit out at Saddam, objectively it has hit out at everyone and has put everyone through the stage of surrender. The Palestine Movement, knowing that the “New World Order” of imperialism was going to also stop the Palestine Peoples Freedom Struggle, knowing that they would be forced to follow the surrender politics in order to make up for loss they had sustained from the revisionist systems support forces they supported Saddam’s uprising with great enthusiasm, they had gained hope. With the squashing of the uprising the petite-bourgeoisie understanding, which relied upon external forces, thinking of liberation became tied up within the “New World Order”, they did not waste time in strangling the Palestine Peoples Freedom Struggle. The final steps taken in relation to this was Arafat’s surrender agreement. However, neither the “New World Order’s” bloody attacks, nor betrayal is sufficient enough to wipe out the peoples desire for freedom. When the external forces that the people could lean upon were wiped out, the stage of learning and thinking of how they could make freedom live without them began. The learning of this has resulted in the Palestine People recreating the unity against the Arafat betrayal and has secured the rising of the freedom flag.

Without relying upon external forces, relying upon their own strength, thinking, learning, wanting a revolution and the thought of defending the revolution and redeveloping of socialism in a healthier way and in ways which will not bring a collapse. All over the world we have entered a period of not accepting imperialist surrender. There is belief in the power of the people, and the struggles of the organisations are increasing. In the Middle East the Palestine Peoples Struggle, dispite within it being many different ideologies the fact that they have united against imperialism and surrender and their continuing of the freedom fight is an important step in the rise of revolution.

In the Middle East some Kurdish National Movements, their seeing the Kurdish Peoples Liberation within the context of the “New World Order” and making agreements with imperialism, and dispite the fact that some section have not yet collaborated with imperialism at this level but their effort to the maneuver without harming imperialism, without being anti-imperialist and not going outside of the boundaries drawn up by imperialism, has resulted in strategically the stagnation of the Kurdish National Movements.

The masses will see through the painful experience that these nationalist organisations have made them live through that liberation in not possible. With such an understanding nationalism grew with the green light that imperialism lit. When the true face of nationalism is disclosed it’s downfall will be just as quick. Revolutionary Movements, which have a nation, but are not nationalist, who stand up against imperialism, who will see that there cannot be national liberation without being anti-imperialist will benefit and will develop. The period is now going rapidly from the downfall point to the rising level.

There has been no objective change in the imperialist-capitalist productivity relation or amongst the relationship of imperialism and in the new exploitation relations of imperialism. Only , new exploitation relations have became more systemised. The relations and conflicts amongst the imperialist are continuing to develop at an increasing level through international monopoly. Along with the collapse of the socialist system an incredible competition has started amongst the imperialist for the monopolies to gain control of the remarkable markets that have come up. German imperialism after developing superiority in Europe and rapidly developing, having became free from many 2nd World War investments has started to build its own attacking force it has come to a stage of being able to compete with the USA and Japan, economically, technically and an all levels. It has in particular increased its entry into the Middle-East, the Balkans and United States Community countries. Taking to its side other European Countries which stand weak against the USA it is attempting to compete against the USA. Whilst German and Japan imperialism is mainly secure developments in the world on a economic and technical basis, the USA is not able to compete at the same pace. However, with its military existence and their continuation to act as a gendarme to the world. It is able to make up for that situation and is continuing to play the lead for imperialism.

Since the 1970’s the revisionist system has taken the attitude of entering into collaboration with imperialism it mainly looked upon not rocking the balance between itself and imperialism and took joint action against conflict issues and liberation movements which have tried to rock its balance, they had given up on world revolution. It is for this reason that they showed no danger to imperialism but were only countries whose markets needed to be taken over and had to collapse so that they could secure the superior bourgeoisie ideology. Within this understanding for the imperialist it was not these countries that were a danger and it was not their developments that it was necessary to obstruct, it was the liberation movements and the socialist movements that had surrounded all corners of the world that were. As for the relations amongst the imperialist, dispite dense competition, as a result of becoming monopolies, numerous imperialist unities associations had been established, and they had been reshaped in accordance to the power they developed a new from of exploitation similar to the new exploitation format and continued without resorting to military action and are continuing in this way.

The imperialist, dispite having internal conflict that they face in the new exploitation countries from the decision that they are taking through their own particular establishments and monopolies, they are applying them without resorting to military intervention. It is necessary to include the United Nations amongst the international establishments of the imperialist. Within the UN permission is almost never given for a decision to be taken in favor of the people. The imperialist, taking to their side their new exploitation’s are suppressing any kind of movement which shows uprising or moves that is in conflict with itself. In a situation where it cannot do this or it is necessary not to do, it condemns the people to hunger and poverty through economic, technical and military embargoes thus its security system and getting to surrender.

Recently, the Israel and Lebanon occupation, the bombing of Libya and the placement of an embargo, the occupation of Panama, the arrest of the prime minister and his being taken to the USA, the attack on Iraq and the massacre of its people in order to give a warning to the Arab and to the rest of the world, the occupation of Somalia etc., almost all of these passed through the control and reviewing of the UN they were operation accomplished jointly by all of the imperialist.

At the point that has been arrived at, those who await for the UN to make a decision in favor of the people, those who want the peoples problems to be resolved there cannot escape the demand and complores of imperialism. The UN is being used against the people. We can say that the UN has became the decision organ, the military and economic force of the imperialist and collaborators.

Today there are many conflict between the new countries which are newly opening out into the imperialist market and the imperialist despite the fact that they want the new countries to be a part of the imperialist system, because of their own internal conflicts, the capitalist not being ready to cope etc. and at this stage Russia has no change of showing importance within this competition. In the long run with its economic and political development the international monopolies, the establishments and the UN will take sides with imperialism as they do today against the people. The conditions to apply a military fight in order to take over the imperialist markets does not exist.

The fact that nuclear weapons are in the hands of this country or that country cannot be looked upon on the basis of the point of whether this would prevent or not prevent war. In the past in the event of a war between the socialist system and the imperialist system, the fact that there were nuclear weapons in the hands of the socialist system was a preventative force, today the fact that many imperialist countries have nuclear weapons does not make it the decisive factor although it maybe assisting factor.

Today the imperialist are showing the ability of suppressing in great unity any from of initiative that is going to damage the imperialist hegomonia. This situation does not mean that there is no conflict amongst themselves. On the contrary in order to make bigger exploitation’s they are in violent competition with economic and political plans, they are fighting each other.

However, when they turn this fight into military plans knowing that this carries the danger of loosing existing markets giving birth to new revolutions, and infact giving way to results of self destruction’s instead of military war they have turned to economic and political wars. At foremost they are encouraging regional war, on the basis of getting the people to kill each other. They are continuing wars on a regional level.

In today’s world revolutionary strategy cannot be made upon evaluation of whelter war will break out amongst the imperialist. All of the imperialist and collaborators have united against the danger of revolution, they are acting in unity against any form of opposition movement that will spoil the rule of imperialism. The revolutionary strategy all program must shaped in accordance with this situation. Every revolutionary organisation that exist is formed must be able to correctly as certain the conflicts amongst the imperialist, and the conflicts between the countries and imperialist countries. They must show the ability of benefiting from this. However, this absolutely does not mean that the revolutionary strategy should be made in accordance to these conflicts. Such an approach is one which mean vacating revolution to spontinanity, delaying it, moving towards an opportunist understanding of denial of atmed struggle this prever our long term People Fight Strategy’s correctness which we have ascertained and put into practice. This line is the general line of all new exploitation countries even if the various new exploitation in the world and the underdeveloped countries may have differences to class, and their historical and social particulars.