Report published by several bar associations in Europe as regards interference and violation to juridical process of arrested lawyers in Turkey.

Today, a report was released by serious legal institutions, including the European Bar Association, the Italian Bar Association as well as the Brussels Bar Association show the injustice in the court case against democratic lawyers of the People’s Law Office (HHB) and the Association of Progressive Jurists (CHD) in Turkey, which led to a scandalous sentence of 159 years of imprisonment against 17 jurists. The report resulted from a fact-finding -mission in Istanbul from 13 till 15 October 2019.

8 of these lawyers are currently in prison, two of them have to counter this severe violation and intervention to jurisdiction with a hunger strike, putting their lives under risk.

Short time ago, 3 people lost their lives in a death fast demanding fair trials and an end to political repression by misuse of the legal institutions.

These were the two musicians Helin Bölek and Ibrahim Gökcek, two members of the band Grup Yorum, which is being criminalized and persecuted with similar illegitime and undemocratic means as well as Mustafa Kocak, who was charged only with the false statement of a police informant and totally denied a fair trial. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without any proof and additionally subjected to serious torture crimes in prison and during police custody.

Now, the lives of lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytac Ünsal from the lawyers’ associations HHB and CHD, as well as two political prisoners Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya are in serious danger due to death fast for fair trials.

If they die, it is clearly, that the AKP government is directly responsible due to the intervention of the political power in the jurisdiction, which led to the arrest and criminalization of hundreds of opposition forces.

Read the full report of the Fact-Finding Mission:

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