Raids and arrests in the left-wing neighbourhood Okmeydani in Istanbul

Also members of Grup Yorum were arrested:

In the early hours of Thursday morning anti-terror units made large scaled raids.

The cultural centre of Idil, which is the headquarter of Grup Yorum, the association for basic rights and the place of the revolutionary Youth.

There are plenty of arrests. Also members of Grup Yorum: Cihan Keskek, Dilan Balci and Ilkay Isler. Further arrested persons are Kaczynski and Damla Sandal.

There are picutres who show Idil cultural centre and centre of revolutionary Youth after the raid: destruction, devastation of the building and working equipments.

Obviously the AKP fascist government tries to revenche the hostage of the prosecutor Mehmet Kiraz, who was overseeing the case of Berkin Elvan. It seems AKP vent this wrath on Grup Yorum and other democratic and legal associations.

Now they are massively attacking Grup Yorum.

One of the reasons might be the 5th Concert for an independant Turkey at 12th April.

Last year over 1 Millions visitors attended. So they try to avoid this with raids and arrestations.

But forlorn hope! The concert will take place.

This was made clear by a press conference of Grup Yorum in the after noon.

„the voice of justice is all over. Sometimes on the string of a baglama (anatolian stringed instrument). Our songs are asking for justice everywhere. Sometimes on a gigantic stage. And sometimes in the voice of the revolutionary youth, who is facing the death enthusiasticly, who demands for justice: “Varsa cesaretiniz gelin”

(Remark: This song was sung from the DHKC fighters Safak Yayla und Bahtiyr Dogruyol shortly before their exekution :

Here the original verson from Grup Ekin:

Cesaretiniz varsa gelin means in English: Come, if you are only brave enough).

The voices will become even louder.

Until the murderers of Berkin Elvan will be convicted by a court of the people.

At 12th April we will sing that song at the concert for an independant Turkey with Millions of people. Repressions and detentions cannot restrain us, that we will demand for bread, justice and freedom with a plenty of people.

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