Vienna: Protests march against fascist massacre in Odessa

Today, 6th May 2014, initialized by the International Platform against Isolation, 70 persons commemorated murderered antifascists in Odessa, while protesting fascist massacre on 2nd May in Vienna’s city center.

The protest was organized within 2 days and supported by around 13 antifascist, communist and anti-imperialist groups, who joined with red flags, protest banners and pictures of the massacred antifascist at the “House of Union”. Among those a picture of Andrew Brazhevsky, a young comrade of Union “Borotba”.

The demonstration started at 6.00 p.m. at the heart of Vienna Stephansplatz with a common statement being read.

At around 6.15 p.m. march started, with a banner of People’s Front beinig carried on the top, writing “Shoulder on Shoulder against Fascism”, followed by posters with the slogan “NATO-EU-USA out of Ukraine”, a photo of killed “Borotba” activist Andrew Brazhevsky and some pictures showing the fascist crime committed at the “House of Trade Unions”.

It was a short march, but a lot slogans were shouted loudly, such as “Shoulder on Shoulder Against Fascism”, “Long Live International Solidarity”, “Solidarity means Resistance, Fight Fascism Everywhere”, “No Pasaran”, “Don’t Forgive, Don’t Forget”, “Behind Fascism there’s stands the Capital, The Struggle for Liberation is International”, “Either in the East or in the West, Down with the Nazi pest” and other anti-Nazi slogans.

During the speeches it was especially focused on the role of NATO, EU and USA in this ongoing violence.

The demonstration ended at the “Monument Against War and Fascism behind the Opera House, at the Albertina square.

There, the demonstrators layed down red carnations to commemorate the fallen antifascists. The picture of “Borotba” activist Andrew Brazhevsky was put aside the carnations underneath the monument.

A minute of silence was held to commemorate all the killed antifascists in Odessa, ending with the words “They are going to live on in our struggle”.

After 3-4 speeches, a direct phone connection was established to a member of Borotba in Ukraine.
The voice was well heard through loudspeakers and one could feel this strong solidarity from both sides. The comrade was speaking about the ongoing fascist attacks, backed by the imperialist forces but also about resistance.
He thanked to all the people overthere in Vienna to show solidarity with the antifascist struggle in Ukraine, but stressed, that this struggle has go everywhere.
In the end of the speech by phone, slogans were shouted again in German language, and the comrade of Borotba join them.

After other 2 speeches the protest ended at around 7.20 p.m.

There were participants from Anatolian Federation, the International Platform against Isolation, the KJÖ (Communist Youth of Austria), Austrian Party of Labour (PdA), KSV (Communist Youth Union), Solidarwerkstatt Austria, Alliance against War-Hands Off Syria, Bolivarian Circle Viennna, Socialist Youth-Stamokap, IA.RKP, SPK/PFÖ, Revolution, and several individuals at the protest.

We want to excuse, if we forgot to mention any organisation. Unfortunately we haven’t got yet photographs of the demonstration. If we get them, we’ll publish them on our facebook link: