Political prisoner Didem Akman talks about the attempted forced medical intervention

A few days ago, political prisoners Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya, who have been on a Death Fast(hunger strike till death) since February 19, 2020, demanding improvement of the prison conditions and fair trials, were forcibly taken from their cells and taken to a hospital located in the complex Şakran prison complex, near the city of Izmir, western Turkey. The two participants in the Death Fast were returned to their cells in the women’s and men’s isolation prisons that are part of the same complex.

In a telephone conversation with her mother, after returning to her cell, Didem Akman spoke about her abduction and the time she spent in the prison hospital.

“We were tortured on the pretext that we were being examined. They took blood samples from us by force. That is, they shed our blood on the ground. And these people call themselves doctors?! We are already in a very advanced stage of the Death Fast, we have pain all over our body, now they have increased it by pressing us everywhere, on the bones, under the pretext that they are examining us. There is already pain on my whole body, I barely got to the cell, and last night I was told: “we have to disinfect the cell against the coronavirus now.” A while ago they came and told me that I had to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks because I was in the hospital, I would not go out in the yard in front of my cell. I said to them: Are you kidding me? I already have the right to go out only for 1 hour per day. It all happened to me because of you!

For 2 days, there in the hospital we were constantly forced to allow to be medically examined. Let’s measure your blood pressure, let’s measure your temperature, let’s take a blood sample, give this, give us that. I told them, «you brought me here against my will. They brought me here by force. I will not trust the people who brought me here by force and I will not give any samples and tests.»

And as I answered them like that, they, completely in their style, came with the prison guards and the gendarmes, and took all the samples by force, tying me to the bed. For this reason, I now have very severe pain all over my body.

Didem Akman, emphasizing that she has stated into the doctors what she will do in case of forced medical intervention against her, said the following.

“There was a nutritionist in the hospital and he asked what I was taking during the Death Fast. I told him I take this and this. He replied, “You look in pretty good shape.” I told him, I’m trying to be careful what I do, what I take because I want to live. I want my demands to be accepted, so I take sugar and water carefully. But if you take a forced intervention against me, then I will stop taking water, sugar, and vitamin B1. Given that I can live for months, only in 2 weeks, my dead body will be in your hands. Take your every action, taking into account the consequences.”

Didem Akman, stressing that no new kidnappings should be allowed, said the following:

“What happened must be widely reported, because there is a danger that this will happen again every week. If no measures are taken to stop their encroachments, they will do us the same things they did to Mustafa(Koçak). “

“Mentally and physically, I’ve lost a lot of my power, but this rage of theirs has given me new strength to continue the resistance.”

With these words, she showed how strong are the Death Fast resisters.

As political prisoners continue their resistance, relying on their legitimacy and righteousness, the power of murderers and thieves continues to attack. But they saw that they could not break those who are fighting relying on the legitimacy of their resistance.

Source: News Agency: Gerçek

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