Masala: Illustrated novel written in a F-type prison (PDF)


We daydreamt a big dream and set out. We have died since Mahir’ s time, but they couldn’t make us leave our path. The most recent obstacle was the F Type prisons, but that too was overcome.

The authorities separated us believing that captives who are iso- lated from their comrades would be deprived of the source which feeds their dreams and would submit to the establishment hope- lessly and helplessly.

It is true that those who think of compromise submit to the authorities sooner or later. These people are the trash who give hope to imperialists and the oligarchic collaborators of Turkey.

Of course the imperialists and their collaborators aren’t looking for capitulation from just these individuals, but capitulation from all opponents.

“Freedom in captivity!”

The castle which the imperialists and their collaborators are trying to surround and conquer is “freedom in captivity”. Right from the beginning of the struggle they have wanted to put out this flame of freedom.

And they did this under the directives of the EU. And the EU is tied to the USA`s doctrine which really says “either change your beliefs or die” and they sanctified and rewarded the oligarchy of Turkey for it. They all agreed to hide the killings and the murder- ers. This European, US and oligarchy of Turkey of liars, cheats, double-dealers and plunderers are united in their efforts to douse the flame with their tactics of fear, torture and murder.

And they do this because they are afraid that they will be held accountable for their crimes, which include the 118 “Fasts to death” as well as the thousands of other atrocities. Let them fear!

And let them know, that their power isn`t strong enough to crush the people`s hopes. Their power isn`t strong enough to make us abandon our dreams. Their power isn`t strong enough divert us from our path and our goal. They can try to kill the body but they cannot kill the spirit. Their hope that fear of death would be a mountain too great to cross was turned to ashes by Sergul`s fire.

We had Sergul as a guest in a previous issue. Actually, calling her a guest is wrong because she was with the magazine from the very first day. She was a hard worker for Masala contributing countless satirical cartoons and passing on “secret information” from her prison which were turned into satirical cartoons in this magazine. And as a result of this, her comrades teased her with “informing on them” of their activities such as knitting and gossiping about Marxism. Her comrades “punished” her by “revoking letter privi- leges”.

These are valuable memories which we wouldn’t exchange for any- thing. Masala shared a lot of things with her and received so much infinite love and laughter from her.We will not forget her!

To our readers we send our love of Sergul and leave her the last word.

“Honour is superior to death. Because as Mother Gulsuman said: “Life must be lived with honour! And even though it is hard to accept it, sometimes the price of this is death. If the difference between being an animal and being human is to be able to think, which is so, then we can differentiate between the truth and false- hood. And if we are escaping from truth in order to live, then, at this point we must talk about hypocrisy. I mean, if we submit to oppression just to live, even when we know we are right, then why do we call it living?

In short I want to say “Give me death”! I say let my body go; because I don’t want to die!”

Sergul Albayrak MASALA


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